Cut costs with a Panasonic heat pump from our energy team in Glasgow

Panasonic heat pumps are designed with efficiency in mind. Install one today to cut down on energy waste and save yourself money on your energy bill. DMS Installations in Glasgow, Scotland provide complete supply and installation services for all the Panasonic air source heat pump range. Contact us for details.

  • Works with existing piping systems
  • Efficiency rating of between 250% – 450%
  • Cut heating costs by up to 65%


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Panasonic Air Source Heat Pumps

Heating your home can be extremely expensive especially during the cold winter months. DMS Installations in Glasgow, Scotland is always looking for cheap alternatives to heating our home. Heat pumps Scotland can provide you with the savings you are looking for. Reduce your heating bill today by investing in a Panasonic heat pump.
Panasonic heat pumps have an efficiency rate of 250% and 450%, depending on the design. This highlights the vast power that heat pumps hold. Panasonic air sour heat pumps move the air around constantly from one place to another. This ensures that a whole area is kept warm. Air source heat pumps are the latest advances in energy-efficient heating. This eco- friendly heat pump uses the air from the outside and converts it into heat for your home. By constantly moving the heat from one place to another, the Panasonic air source heat pump not only generated heat energy effectively, it can also provide hot water all year round.
The air source heat pumps that Panasonic provide are environmentally friendly, creating a considerable amount of heat energy with little power.

Benefits of Panasonic Air Source Heat Pumps

  • Renewable technology
  • Saves on costs
  • High-efficiency percentage
  • Easy to use and control
  • Safer than traditional systems
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Produce lower CO2 than traditional systems

The Panasonic Heat Pump Range

The Panasonic air source heat pump range are an energy saving alternative to traditional boilers. They heat pumps Scotland transfer heat energy from the source of the heat. Then move the thermal heat energy in the opposite direction. This creates a warm flow of heat that is then used to heat an entire room or home.
Panasonic heat pumps will lower your fuel bill, saving you money on your fuel. Samsung heat pumps will lower your fuel bill, saving you money. An average sized home would typically pay an average of £1000 or more for their energy bill. Most of that figure being the cost for heating. Investing in a Panasonic air course heat pump can cut costs up to 65%. Which will make a significant difference to your pocket in the future.

How Does the Panasonic Heat Pump Work

Heat pumps may be complicated to understand but they are, in fact, a simple heating system. The Panasonic air source heat pumps extract heat from the air, ground and water, transforming it into heat energy. The heat pumps Scotland deliver the heat at a lower rate and a lower temperature over a longer period. This will ensure that your home stays warmer for longer. This is unlike traditional heating methods as they blast heat extremely quickly, without any sustainability.
With the use of a vapour compression cycle, Panasonic heat pumps only need a small amount of energy to create heat. The cycle has the ability to transfer and move heat from one space to another. Panasonic air source heat pumps are amount 300% efficient. This means that for every unit of energy that is used the heating operations, three or more units of heat are generated.
Put simply, Panasonic heat pumps work by extracting available heat from the outside air, developing it into heat energy. The heat pumps Scotland are far more efficient than even the most efficient fossil-fuel based heating systems.

Why Choose Panasonic Heat Pumps

Investing in heat pumps can offer you much more than renewable, eco-friendly energy. Recently, in a bid to get more people to install a renewable heat pump in their home, the UK Government has created a renewable heat incentive scheme. The scheme was set up to reward households that have installed renewable technology. It is only available through accredited Green Installers.
The Government scheme was intended in increase a number of people that use renewable energy in their home. Heat pumps Scotland were created to help the planet and protect the fossil fuels. The scheme pays out £170 quarterly for those that install Panasonic heat pumps in their home. That’s a payment of up to £680 per annum.
Panasonic heat pumps not only heats your home but also heats your water all year round. In addition to this, the Panasonic air source heat pumps will reduce your carbon footprint, helping the planet as well as your pocket.

This new Panasonic heat charge can store heat from the outdoors unit it is switched on. This allows heating to start quickly after the heat pump Scotland is turned on. This ensures that there are maximum comfort and heat in the house at all times. Panasonic has built a new sunlight detector on the heat pump. This innovative technology will allow you to adjust output settings, giving you the best-tailored comfort at any time while saving energy.
As well as being an energy saving system, this new model from Panasonic cleanses and purifies the air. Removing and deactivating up to 99% of both airborne and adhesive micro- organisms like mould and bacteria. This anti-bacterial function will keep your house free from unwanted germs and mould.

The Aquarea All in One is the new generation of Panasonic Heat Pumps for Heating, Cooling and Domestic Hot Water. It is included in the new range of intelligently integrates the best Hydro kit technology with a premium quality stainless steel tank. This innovative heat pump has all three function in one. Making it a great investment. It will heat your home and water, as well as cooling it during the summer months. This new Panasonic heat pump comes with a touch controller so that controlling your heating is done simply and comfortably.

This air source heat pump is a simple and easy heat pump, that is easy to use and control. It is east to set up and install. Providing your home with warmth. It is a cost effective solution to traditional heating systems. This model optimises heating performance, heating your whole home quickly and efficiently. This innovative technology from Panasonic would make a great alternative to traditional heating systems.

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