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The LG Therma V air-to-water heat pump combines smart technology with ergonomic design to provide a high quality heat pump solution suitable for a range of situations. Call DMS Installations in Glasgow, Scotland today for an accredited LG air source heat pump installer.

  • PI logic saves up to 30% energy over a conventional model
  • Emergency heating mode provides heating even when a unit fails
  • Silent operation mode reduces noise levels for a minimal reduction in output


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LG Therma V Heat Pump Range

The LG Therma V air to water heat pumps provide both heating and domestic/commercial hot water requirements. The LG heat pump series is available in several different outputs: 9, 12, 14, and 16 kW. The LG Therma V heat pumps are flexible systems and can be connected to other decides – such as solar cells – in order to reduce the energy requirement from the grid and optimise the resource potential.
LG heat pumps are inverter controlled, which means that they adapt to demand and they only use the energy necessary to operate to demand without constantly performing at full power. This means that the Therma V heat pumps are designed to adjust the compressor speed in order to regulate the heat pump output and thus maintain the desired temperature without having to switch the compressor on and off.

LG Therma V Heat Pump Functions

LG heat pumps are controlled through several different functions:
Weekly Scheduling – This allows a household or business to decide on a routine for when throughout the week the Therma V pump will be in operation.
Silent Operation – When this mode is activated, the Therma V heat pump can reduce its noise output for a minimal reduction in operational efficiency.

LG Therma V Monobloc Heat Pump

The LG Therma V Monobloc Heat Pump air-to-water heat pump range comes in a variety of outputs, from 3kW to 16kW. Complementing the 9kW-16kW split range, the LG Therma V offers low/medium temperature heating and domestic hot water supply along with any easy to use controller, these being the 3kW – 7kW models.

The major feature of the Therma V is its energy efficiency achievements and awards. PI logic is said to allow the new model to operate up to 30% more efficiently than a conventional model, while LGE’s BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) inverter compressor is also energy efficiency, saving up to as much as 40% of the energy used by a typical AC motor at low speeds and 20% at high speeds.

The newly-designed wide louvre fin and optimised heat exchanger path help to conserve energy, boost reliability and facilitate an improved heat exchange rate. It comes equipped with a durable inverter water pump that further minimises unnecessary energy consumption.
The intelligent features include LG’s pressure control sensor which measures and controls pressure directly, which translates to faster, more precise adjustments in response to load variation. In the unlikely event of a fault, Therma V has a built in two-step emergency operation feature that guarantees consistent heat production until the system is serviced.

LG Therma V Split Heat Pump

The LG Therma V Split Heat Pump works on the same principle as the LG Therma V Monobloc Heat Pump. It differs from the Monobloc in that it has an indoor unit to handle the air source heating or cooling of individual rooms or “zones” of a house. The main advantage of split systems is their small size and flexibility for zoning or heating and cooling of individual rooms. Many models can have as many as four indoor air-handling units (for four different zones or rooms) connected to one outdoor unit. Each zone/room has its own thermostat, further saving the home owner money by allowing them to heat or cool rooms on an individual basis.

Just as the Monobloc comes in a range between 3kW-16kW, so does the LG Therma V Split. The smaller outputs are perfect for small to medium size homes, with the larger outputs suitable for bigger roles. Designed with new builds in mind, the Split can also be used in cases of refurbishment or a heating system upgrade.

The Split shares many of the same features and functionalities of the Monobloc system. As a highly developed home heating solution, the Split can save homeowners money of their heating bill while being environmentally friendly. Contact DMS Installations in Glasgow, Scotland today for a trustworthy and experienced LG air source heat pump installer.

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