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Power Flushing

We always recommend power flushing your existing system when connecting a Heat Pump or renewable heat source to your existing pipework. Power flushing cleans the pipework of any debris that has accumulated over the years by forcing water through at high speed. It can also be known as a power clean or jet washing and will help improve the flow rates of water through your system, improving the efficiency as a result. DMS Installations in Glasgow can quote for a power flush while designing and quoting for your renewable system if required.


LG Therma Heat Pump


Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Heat Pump


Panasonic Air Source Heat Pumps


Samsung Air Source Heat Pump

Feed in Tariff

The Feed in Tariff has been available since 2008 and has helped encourage over 750,000 solar installations in the UK alone. Although the tariff has dropped dramatically over the years, as has the cost of the systems. Solar PV remains a shrewd and safe investment, with quarterly payments over 20 years.

Funding Help

The Energy Savings Trust can help with the up front costs of installing Renewable Energy, by way of Interest Free Loans. Click here for more information. DMS Installations in Glasgow can help you take advantage of funding to improve your home energy efficiency.

Renewable Heat Incentive

The Government are incentivising renewable heat in the same way as they have been doing with Solar Electricity for some time. As with the Feed in Tariff, the funding for each new applicant will decrease over time following quarterly reviews. Now is a great time to take up the opportunity to modernise your heating system while the payments are high. The renewable heat incentive is paid quarterly for 7 years. In order to be eligible for the renewable heat incentive payments all renewable heating systems must meet standards set by MCS. This scheme provides assurance for customers of renewable heating systems by ensuring that all products are matched against high standards, thus ensuring excellent quality.

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