Fakro LWK Komfort Loft Ladders


Fakro LWK folding wooden loft ladders with integral, insulated hatch and handrail. 160Kg

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Are you looking to create more space in your home? The LWK Komfort ladder requires very little space to operate in as all of the 3 sections are folded onto the insulated hatch, thereby taking up no additional space in the loft and maximising space in the room below.

This ladder from Fakro is our most popular ladder utilising a newly designed hatch hinge which controls the movement, allowing the ladder to move away from the hatch as it opens to that you can open and close the ladder safely and securely.

Arriving fully assembled the 3 section folding ladder offers an innovative design with an aesthetically pleasing, white finish to the hatch, and a handrail supplied as standard.
Opening to a maximum floor to ceiling height of 2.8m the Fakro LWK Komfort loft ladder is built with dovetail joints for strength and durability and can take a maximum load of 160kg (25 stone)