Save energy with our tank insulation services in Glasgow

Having tank insulation installed will not only save you money, it will protect your home in case of a burst cylinder and help the environment. DMS Installations in Glasgow, Scotland provide expert tank insulation and cylinder insulation services.

  • HEEPS Cashback available to cover cost
  • Reduce risk of freezing
  • Reduce risk of water damage


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Hot Water Tank

Insulating your hot water cylinder is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to save energy. We recommend tank jackets of at least 75mm thickness. All our tank jackets comply with British Standards and can save you £25-£35 per year.

DMS Installations in Glasgow generally installs tank insulation and jackets as part of installing other measures, such as loft or underfloor insulation or draught proofing. Tank jackets are typically £49 fitted, when installed with other measures. We also offer pipe insulation for hot water and heating pipes.

Cold Water Tank

If you have a cold water tank in your loft it should be insulated already if you have had your loft topped up. Insulating your cold water tank is essential to reduce the risk of freezing in extreme weather. As your loft is better insulated, the heat does not reach the loft space and it is therefore colder than before. Good tank insulation combined with pipe insulation will reduce the risk of freezing. Typically we charge £49 for cold water tank and cylinder insulation when installed with other measures such as insulation or draught proofing.

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