Professional pipe lagging in Glasgow

Insulating your pipes by pipe lagging will help reduce your heating bills. A simple and effective way to improve your efficiency and reduce your heating costs by around 2%. At DMS Installations in Glasgow, Scotland, we offer two types of pipe insulation that will help protect your home. Contact our team for more information.

  • Stop damage from burst pipes
  • Increase heat retention
  • Stop pipes from freezing


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Pipe Lagging and Insulation

Pipe insulation has benefits. In areas such as lofts, garages, under floors and outside pipes are exposed to potentially freezing during the winter months. pipe lagging is essential to reduce the risk of unexpected burst pipes. With the increased insulation in today’s homes, the risk is greater than ever. Lofts and under floor areas are colder due to less heat escaping. DMS Installations in Glasgow can give you all the advice you need as to which pipe lagging method will be best for your home.


This is the common pipe lagging seen across the UK. The insulation is manufactured from Polyethylene, and available in sizes to fit every pipe. This insulation offers good improvements to heat loss from the pipes and is especially suitable for hidden areas such as lofts and under floors.


Rockwool pipe insulation preformed with a foil outer layer, complete with sealing foil strip. The joints between sections are sealed with foil tape. This insulation not only looks great, it offers improved heat loss as well. Particularly recommended for exposed pipe areas such as garages.

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