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Superglass loft insulation is an industry leading product. Designed and produced in the borders of Scotland, Superglass Insulation can help cut your home’s energy bill. Call DMS Installations in Glasgow for a no obligation quotation.

  • Independent glass mineral wool insulation of the highest quality
  • Up to £400 cashback through HEEPS funding
  • Perfect for loft, underfloor, or cavity wall insulation


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Superglass Insulation

Superglass are a manufacturer based in Stirling, Scotland. They have been making quality insulation Scotland for a number of years and have been used in thousands of homes and commercial buildings across the UK.

Why buy Superglass Loft Insulation

DMS Installations in Glasgow is delighted to be working with Superglass Insulation. They are one of the best suppliers in the country and are the UK’s only independent manufacturer of glass mineral wool insulation. If you are looking for insulation that will protect your home in all-weather condition, Superglass insulation has excellent thermal and acoustic glass mineral wool products. This type of insulation is incredibly effective.

Green Deal Scotland: Free Loft Insulation

As part of the Green Deal Scotland, we can help you insulate every part of your home. Whether your building requires High-Efficiency A Rated Double Glazing or wall and floor insulation to reduce your energy waste, we can help you upgrade your home.

Superglass Products

All Superglass insulation products are made from glass mineral wool. This is a combination of recycled glass bottles and silicone. These materials are heated together at very high temperatures spun and are formed into a flexible fibrous mat. All of Superglass’ products are designed to bring homeowners excellent fire, acoustic and thermal insulation.

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