Superior grade Kingspan insulation in Glasgow

Lack of proper cavity wall and loft insulation is one of the biggest reasons for energy waste in today’s homes. You can cut your home energy costs by installing Kingspan insulation. Call DMS Installations in Glasgow, Scotland to find out how you can improve your insulation situation.

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Kingspan Insulation

Kingspan insulation is part of the Kingspan group, one of Europe’s fastest growing manufacturers of building materials. The Kingspan group was formed in the late 1960s in Ireland. Being part of a bigger group means that Kingspan is able to draw on the many resources and backing from their supporting company. The Kingspan Insulations group has become a market leader for manufacturing premium insulation Glasgow products and systems. DMS Installations in Glasgow, Scotland stocks a variety of Kingspan insulation products.

Roof insulation can be split into two broad types; flat roof and pitched roofs. Kingspan loft insulation and roof insulation can be used for both applications and for different waterproofing needs. Here at DMS Installations in Glasgow, we carry all the Kingspan products you may need for insulating your home.

No matter what wall you are trying to insulate, Kingspan has a product that will ensure your wall is fully insulated. Kingspan insulations have products for solid wall insulations, cavity wall insulations, steel framed wall insulations and plasterboard insulations. Get in contract with our insulation experts today to help you pick the best application for your home.

For floor insulation, Kingspan uses a PVC-U construction with a fibre-free rigid thermoset insulation core. This is also used to insulate around windows and door openings. This fabric can be used with timber, meter or PVC window frames. It also comes pre-formed into a frame, to reduce the labour time installing with installing it.

Pipes are often forgotten when it comes to insulation. Pipes can be exposed in garages and lofts, meaning that they can freeze during the winter if not insulated properly. Investing in pipework insulation will reduce potential damage to burst pipes in freezing conditions.

Kingspan insulation is affordable and effective. To arrange a quote, call our team on 0141 638 1058