Affordable loft insulation in Glasgow

Did you know you could save up to 25% on your heating bills by upgrading your roof or loft insulation! The team at DMS Installations in Glasgow, Scotland are loft insulation installation experts. Contact us now for a free, no obligation quotation and to see if we have funding for you. We can increase your insulation to up to 400mm.

  • PAS 2030, CIGA and BBA Accredited installer
  • Fibreglass, Earthwool or Sheep’s wool insulation available
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and improve your homes EPC rating


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Loft Insulation

Our fully trained and experienced loft insulation installation team can help save you money on your energy bills and heating costs. DMS Installations in Glasgow offers a fully insured and guaranteed fitting service, competitive pricing, as well as access to all the latest funding and grants. Increasing your loft insulation to 300mm is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to reduce your heating costs and lower your Co2 footprint. It is one of the simplest ways to boost your EPC rating and there are various grants, funding and cashback still available.

Would you be eligible for Free Loft Insulation?

Free Loft Insulation is now available in most homes in Glasgow and throughout Scotland. We can guide you through the funding criteria, cash back and grants currently available. Funding is limited so act fast! DMS Installations have access to ECO funding and Scottish Government HEEPS cashback which we can use to install loft insulation and other energy saving measures free of charge, for those who qualify. We will happily come and assess your home and provide a free, no obligation quote and advice on which funding options are available to you.

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Celotex Insulation

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Kingspan Insulation

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Superglass Insulation

Loft flooring and storage

Once your insulation has been increased, as many homes in Scotland have already, the storage space in the loft is often lost. It is important you do not store items on top of the loft insulation as not only will this decrease the effectiveness of the insulation, but it can be dangerous if you have ceiling down lighters in your property. Disturbing the insulation can cause lights to become covered, overheat and cause fire!

We can install insulation at rafter level, rather than laying over the joists. Insulating the roof rather than the floor will allow much more heat to pass into the loft, creating a warmer space. If you plan on using the loft space, you should consider rafter insulation. We can use insulation boards, or the latest silver YBS Foil-tec wafer thin insulation to provide a top quality finish with a thermal conductivity as low as 0.13w/m2K! (equivalent to 300mm of insulation).

If your property has dormer windows then you won’t have a full normal loft across the entirety of your home. This is known as room in roof insulation. It is slightly more complex to install but doesn’t cost much more than standard insulation to fit. DMS can survey, quote, guide you through funding options, and install Room in Roof insulation to the highest standard. Contact us today to arrange a free survey.

It is entirely possible for a confident DIY enthusiast to insulate their own loft. There are plenty of online guides to help, but we strongly advise against it. Plenty of accidents happen in lofts even before the joists are covered by insulation! Our advice is, leave it to the professionals. And we are fully insured for £10,000,000 if something should go wrong.

We use only top quality insulation products, and the expected lifespan of our insulation work is 42 years. That is a lot of savings over the years! We can supply any brand of material should you have a specific preference. However, our main suppliers are Superglass Insulation for 100% locally recycled and manufactured “multi roll 44” fiberglass wool insulation, and YBS for the latest technology in Multi-Foil Insulation for use in insulating rafters, solid walls, underfloor and a variety of other applications where space and performance are at a premium.

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