Reliable loft ladders from our team in Glasgow

Access your loft safely with our range of wood & metal Loft Ladders. All our loft ladders come with handrails and hold at least 150Kg weight limits.  We supply a range of quality wooden loft ladders with intergral, insulated hatches as well as lightweight aluminium options.

  • Fakro wooden Loft Ladders
  • Lightweight Aluminium Loft Ladders
  • Insulated Loft Hatches
  • Raised Loft Flooring


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Loft ladders supplied and fitted from just £149 (inc VAT)

Looking to have your loft ladders installed and supplied by a team of professionals who want to make your home as comfortable as possible? DMS Installations in Glasgow has a dedicated team with years of experience in fitting your home renovations, from loft ladders, insulation, and floor space. If you are looking for loft ladders, be sure to remember that a hinged drop down loft hatch must also be included. If you are missing this piece, don’t worry – we offer selected package deals that have everything you need.

Getting to your loft space safely is our priority. Our aluminium, steel, and plastic loft hatch ladder weighs a light 4.5kg for ease of access and safe storage for you and your family. It has a max. height of 2.69m and a min. of 1.6m that suits most ceiling heights and can hold a weight of 100kg with ease. The ladders is made of two sections which makes it easier to store on the inside of the loft, folding down when needed, and is entirely slip resistant for safe access. Being fixed to the loft itself, you will have little problem accessing your new storage space.

Looking for a little more height from your loft ladder? Our 3-section aluminium loft ladder has the same safe properties as the 2-section version, including the anti-slip rungs, 100kg weight support, and easy folding storage. On this ladder, the min. height is 1.3m and the max is 3m. It is only slightly heavier at 5.3kg and is as simple and easy to use as the previous ladder.

If you are looking for something different to aluminium, we also offer beautiful wooden loft ladders. The timber wood is made with grooves which make each step more comfortable and easier to grip for a safer climb. Each set of ladders is tailored to BS 7553 Class H standards and can be changed to fit your floor and ceiling heights. This ladder is best for properties that do not have the space for a folding ladder and is spring assisted to slide in the loft space.

Our 3-section wooden loft ladders are made of high quality timber. It is suitable to be painted or varnished to your own personal tastes, and the ladder’s hinges are unobtrusive and provide the ladder with easier storage capabilities. It can fit a ceiling up to 2.81 metres and is a great solution for any property looking to install a great loft ladder for access to attic spaces.

A more compact option for a loft ladder in your property is our Concertina ladder. It needs far less vertical space to be able to be drawn down and suits a smaller ceiling space opening. The ladder itself is made of strong aluminium and it can be placed directly onto the frame by the use of a wood plate to fix it. It has a pole hook included, capable of up to 200kg weights, spring suspension, and has steps that are wider than other ladders for better footing.

If your loft space is minimal, you may want to think about a telescopic ladder. These space-saving ladders are able to be used with little vertical space required and uses minimal loft floor space to maximise the available space you have in your attic. It can be used as a domestic of commercial loft ladder and has been fully tested against tough conditions.

When entering your loft space, safety is of the utmost importance. Vision and balance can be compromised when carrying heavy or cumbersome loads, such as boxes for storage so it’s vital there is a secure railing available to help you balance and reduce any risk of potential trips or falls. At DMS Installations our metal loft balustrades provide the ideal safety measure to ensure a safe entry and exit to your loft.

Loft Floor Installers

To regain access and use of the loft space safely, and whilst maintaining the benefits of the insulation, DMS Installations in Glasgow, Scotland can install raised loft flooring above the insulation. We raise the level of the joist in places to allow floor boards to be neatly and securely laid across the top. Sufficient air gap will be allowed to maintain airflow above the insulation. We can install a full loft, or part loft depending on how much space you wish to use.

We use narrow floor boards, which interlock together, and are firmly fastened down, to provide larger areas of neat flooring. Our flooring is specially designed to allow easy access through your home and into your loft without causing damage or disruption. All our work is fully guaranteed and insured and carried out by qualified and experienced installers. Contact us for prices or to arrange a free survey.

Loft Ladder Installers

To increase access and safety to your loft, DMS Installations in Glasgow, Scotland can supply and fit a range of loft ladders. Loft ladders can be installed to suit your existing loft hatch and space availability. Ladders are made of lightweight aluminium for ease of operation and can be supplied in 2 or 3 sections to suit. We offer a premium wooden 2 section ladder and a 3 section folding wooden ladder with integral, insulated loft hatch. All our installs are designed to work with increased loft insulation depths. We have ladders suitable for any ceiling height and can supply bespoke solutions if requested. Safety loft ballustrade can be fitted for increased safety if required.

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