Cavity wall insulation in Glasgow

Did you know you can save up to 33% on your energy bills by installing cavity wall insulation? The team at DMS Installations are expert cavity wall insulation installers. We are fully PAS2030 and BBA Accredited and provide a full 25 year CIGA Guarantee. Thousands of homes already insulated across Glasgow and Scotland.

  • Blown Fibre Insulation
  • Silver Bead Insulation
  • Bonded Platinum Bead Insulation


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Cavity Insulation

We can survey and install a variety of cavity wall insulation to reduce bills and improve your homes energy efficiency. If your home was built after 1920, the likelihood is that your property’s external walls are in fact made up of two separate layers with a single gap or cavity between them. Millions of homes have still to benefit from Government policies to improve our efficiency and upgrade our older homes.

Cavity insulation will help to stop heat escaping through the walls and reduce the amount of energy you need to heat your home. It has several other benefits too! It is very important you select the right installer. Here at DMS Installations Ltd we supply a number of products to suit your homes build and location. Your home is your most valuable possession, selecting the right contractors for the work is highly important. We offer full 25 year CIGA warranties, but we have gone one step further to protect our customers. We have protected our advice with £250,000 worth of Professional Indemnity Insurance on top of our £10 million of products cover. In the unlikely event we do make a mistake, you can rest assured you are fully looked no matter what happens!

Benefits of cavity wall insulation

  • Save up to £150 per year on energy bills.
  • Hassle free installation.
  • Helps reduce heat loss and save money.
  • You could qualify for free government funding or cashback.
  • Can reduce condensation on the inside of your outer walls.
  • Existing dampness can be resolved.
  • Suitable for most properties

cavity wall insulation

Glass Wool Insulation

cavity wall insulation

Knauf Insulation

cavity wall insulation

Rockwool Insulation

cavity wall insulation

Stone Wool Insulation

Our expert cavity wall insulation installers

Cavity Wall Insulation can be installed to almost any house built with cavity walls. Timber Frame or Solid Wall houses can be insulated in different ways. The insulation of cavity walls involves injecting an insulation material into the gap between two layers of brick or block work. Depending on the level of exposure to wind driven rain, we have a couple of products to suit. The cheapest solution is a wool based insulation, but we do not install this in circumstances where it is not appropriate. The second option is the premium bonded silver bead insulation, which provides more protection against water bridging the cavity. All our cavity wall insulation comes complete with a full 25 year CIGA Guarantee to provide total peace of mind.

The idea of cavity wall insulation is to prevent airflow around the cavity, using the air as the insulation material to stop heat transfer. Cavity wall insulation will help save energy from reducing heat loss through the walls and can save £160 per year. Funding is currently available towards the cost of installing Cavity Wall Insulation, in many cases for free. Contact our expert cavity wall insulation installers in Glasgow to find out what funding is available.

Could you be eligible for free cavity wall insulation?

Free cavity wall Insulation is now available for most homes in Glasgow and throughout Scotland. Contact us to see if you qualify, and what products we can recommend. DMS Installations have access to limited government funding which we can use to install insulation free of charge or partly subsidised for those who qualify. We will happily come and assess your home and provide a free, no obligation quote and advice on which measures and funding options are available to you. As a registered Green Deal Advice Organisation (GDAO) we specialise in Energy use assessment and advice. We can assess and advise through our Energy expertise as well as install numerous energy savings and insulation measures as we are a PAS2030 and BBA certified Insulation specialist.

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