Energy saving Polypipe underfloor heating in Glasgow

Do you want a lower heating bill and a more comfortable home? Polypipe underfloor heating is an effective and efficient home heating system that can save you money and free up space around the home. Call DMS Installations in Glasgow, Scotland to get a free Polypipe underfloor heating installation quote.

  • Up to 25% (case dependant) more efficient than traditional radiator systems.
  • Frees up space around the house, making it perfect for open plan living and rooms where space is a premium, such as kitchens.
  • Different designs allow for installation in almost any circumstance


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Polypipe Underfloor Heating

Whether it’s for a new build, renovation, or a home extension, warm water underfloor heating Glasgow is an effective and efficient method of home heating system that is suitable for a wide range of projects. Polypipe offer the widest available range of underfloor heating systems; with so many options, there is guaranteed to be a product available for every situation.
Thanks to their practical design, Polypipe underfloor heating systems can be quickly and easily fitted over an existing floor or built into a new one, either in a single room or a whole home. They also work with most floor coverings, from ceramic to stone tiling and wood, engineering would, or carpet. DMS Installations in Glasgow, Scotland can advise you on the best Polypipe underfloor heating for your home.

Suitable for both timber and solid floor types, the Polypipe Floating Underfloor Heating system is an ideal alternative to the Solid Floor Underfloor Heating system when structural limitations stop you from installing the latter. In new builds, the high-density polystyrene panels used with this system can also enhance the thermal underfloor insulation Glasgow requirement.

Traditionally, installing underfloor heating unto upper floors could be challenging in both old and new build projects where it would be a difficult task to manoeuvre around the floor joists. With the introduction of Modular Heating Panels (MHPs), however, this is now a quick and easy task. Polypipe MHPs deliver a pre-configured solution that is easy to connect and install on site. They can be placed strategically in areas that will provide maximum efficiency with regards to heating, such as avoiding areas under baths and fitted units so they do not have to cover the entire surface area of a room.

Designed specifically for use in timber suspended or battened floors, the spreader plates are simply fixed to the joist using small nails or staples. The pipes are then fitted to the pre-formed grooves on the panel, giving them stability. Adding a layer of insulation below the panels will ensure that most of the heat generated will pass up into the room above. The Polypipe suspended floor systems are also suitable for “sprung” flooring systems, such as those found in sports halls or dance falls.

The Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Warm water UFH (Under floor heating) is unlike any other heating system in existence.
Highlight efficient. Warm water UFH uses far lower flow temperatures than traditional radiator home heating systems. Combined with the fact that it covers a far larger surface area, it is able to heat the room in a far more effective manner. For this reason, UFH systems are around 25% (dependant on the case) more efficient than an equivalent radiator system.
Perfectly suited to open plan living. As UFH is an “invisible” heating system (due to the fact that the pipes are hidden under the flooring), precious living space is opened up, both on the ground and on the wall. This makes it ideal for open plan living and rooms such as kitchens and living rooms, where space is at a premium.
Safe and secure. Having no above ground components, there are no exposed hot or sharp edges, making it a safe option for homes that have elderly or young inhabitants. It is also a good option for allergy sufferers – the lack of radiators means there are fewer areas of the accumulation of dust.
Ultimate comfort. UFH heats the room from the ground up, giving home owners the luxurious feel of warm feet and a cool head. As heat rises, this also means that the room is heated in the most effective manner, with no heat going to waste. It is also good for warming typically cold surface types, such as tiles or engineered wood.

Solid Floor Underfloor Heating (UH)

The Polypipe Solid Underfloor Heating System is ideal for ground floors in both new build and renovation projects, as well as conservatories or extensions with solid floor constructions. The piping is fitted into the floor panels and covered with screed before finally laying the floor covering on top.

Polypipe underfloor heating systems can be used with the following solid floor constructions:

  • Sand and cement screed (4:1 mix)
  • Pumped screed systems (anhydrite, etc.)
  • Fine or heavy concrete
  • Polymer modified screeds

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