Smarter heating with a Quantum storage heater in Glasgow

By installing a Dimplex Quantum storage heater, you can make your home both more comfortable and more environmentally friendly. DMS Installations in Glasgow, Scotland can supply and install the very latest Dimplex storage heaters.

  • Save up to 27% on your energy bill while using up to 22% less energy
  • 10-year warranty for peace of mind
  • Quantums iQ algorithm learns your habits, making heat allocation easy and fast


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Dimplex Quantum Storage Heaters

Dimplex Quantum heaters are some of the world’s most advanced electric storage heaters. They use low-cost, off-peak energy, making them some of the most economical electric heating systems available on the market today. Due to its compact and ergonomic design, it is a perfect fit for any location, whether in a domestic or commercial environment.
The Dimplex Quantum storage heater adapts to match your lifestyle and climate conditions, delivering heat only when it is needed and the impact will be felt most. Combined with its smart usage of low-rate electricity, this make a Dimplex Quantum storage heater is the perfect upgrade for static storage heaters and makes it suited to a wide range of situations.

Why Choose a Dimplex Storage Heater?

The team at DMS Installations in Glasgow can help you discover the benefits of a Dimplex Quantum storage heater. The Dimplex Quantum Electric Storage Heater comes fitted with Dimplex’s iQ controller. The Quantum iQ controller monitors the weather and responds to changing climate conditions automatically. It follows the room temperature closely and intuitively, keeping the temperature with +/- 0.3oC of the target. The iQ controller is also constantly monitoring your heating needs with the aim of learning your habits. It will anticipate your needs, adapting to deliver exactly the right amount of heat required to provide maximum comfort. If required, manual adjustment can also be undertaken with the Dimplex Quantum’s easy to read LCD display and user-friendly, low torque rotary knob, specifically designed with the visually impaired in mind. There is a programmable seven-day system with a “Holiday” mode, three fully adjustable pre-set timer profiles, a child lock, and more.

The Dimplex Quantum storage heater stores energy up during periods of low demand on the electricity grid, allowing it to charge during low-rate hours. It then turns this stored electricity into heat when required. Thanks to the iQ algorithm, Dimplex’s sophisticated self-learning algorithm, the Dimplex Quantum calculates just the right amount of heat to match the user’s lifestyle and the changing weather – all intuitively, precisely, and rapidly.

Thanks to the smart charging process, Quantum Dimplex storage heaters are up to 27% cheaper to run and use 22% less energy than a standard storage heater system. This means if a Dimplex Quantum is installed in certain homes, they could look at up to annual running cost savings of £418 a year. It’s also up to 47% cheaper to run than a conventional electric convector or radiator system.

Any Dimplex Quantum electric storage heater installed by an accredited Dimplex installer in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions comes with a 10-year warranty and is also BEAB approved. Recognised both within the UK and across Europe, the BEAB Approved Mark demonstrates the safety pedigree of a product: a supplier’s commitment to best practice, to producing quality goods, and to their customers’ safety. It is the highest achievable standard in the UK.

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