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Install a Dimplex heater and cut your energy bills! By installing a Dimplex heater, you can make your home both more comfortable and more environmentally friendly. DMS Installations supply and install Dimplex electric heaters throughout Glasgow, Scotland.

  • Save up to 27% on your energy bill while using up to 22% less energy
  • 10-year warranty for peace of mind
  • Quantums iQ algorithm learns your habits, making heat allocation easy and fast


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Dimplex Combi Storage Heater

Within the Dimplex Storage Heaters range is the Dimplex Combi Storage Heater. This heating system is perfect for those who need heated solutions but want to do their bit for the environment. It is also a common system for those looking to reduce their energy bills as they are cost effective systems. If you are interested in the Dimplex Combi product, have a look below to find out everything you need to know. We at DMS Installations are happy to give our customers the necessary information to make sure they are able to make a decision on our product range, comfortable in the knowledge that they know everything they need to.

What is the Dimplex Combi Storage Heater?

Combination or Combi storage heaters offer all the benefits of automatic heaters, with the addition of a build in top up converter. This works to provide an independent source of heat to work alongside the stored heat if extra warmth is needed. Essentially two heaters in one, the Dimplex Combi is a reliable system that can be placed in any environment without looking out of place. Suitable for indoor or outdoor environments, the Dimplex Combi is smooth, easy on the eye and saves space thanks to its modest size.
Powerful enough to heat a large area, but small enough to easily manoeuvre from one room to another. The top up convector of the Dimplex Combi requires its own electrical supply and has full thermostatic control with a frost protection facility. The controls are conveniently situated at the top of the heater, with a forward facing grille to push heat in the intended direction while keeping the surrounding areas clean. It’s manually adjusted input along with the room temperature boost control results in extra heat should you require it.

Why Should I Choose a Dimplex Storage Heater?

Established over 70 years ago, Dimplex has over 700 products available in the heating solutions industry. They pride themselves on providing affordable, reliable, durable, efficient energy solutions to the entire nation. Their reputation for quality and innovation is why they remain a leading heating system provider and will continue to do so for future generations. An integral part of their success is down to the continued investment aimed at improving all aspects of their business. From product development to customer service, they are committed to making sure they are the best version of themselves and a market leading company. Dimplex invests in their people from training their staff to making sure they have the best resources at hand. They monitor their pre and post sales service to make sure customers are fully satisfied with their service and products. DMS Installations in Glasgow can help you find the right Dimplex heater for you.

What are the Features of the Dimplex Combi Storage Heater?

The features of the Dimplex Combi storage heater are the reason why it is a favourite amongst heating systems. The features make the heater one of the cheapest to run yet reliable, powerful heaters on the market which can be used to heat up a home, workplace or outdoor space. The features include;
CXLSN range features automatic charge regulator, which automatically adjusts the level of input charge to compensate for changing weather conditions without user intervention

  • Provides a continuous source of warmth, primarily from cheap off-peak electricity
  • Convector gives completely silent top-up heating
  • Convector thermostat can be set to maintain constant room temperatures and automatically switch on as necessary
  • Conveniently positioned convector controls on the front panel
  • Lower convector loadings selectable on installation
  • Secure wall fixing for safety
  • Feet may be fitted under carpet or on top of suitable floor covering
  • Simple assembly for flexible positioning and quick installation
  • Storage Heater 3.4kW
  • Convector 2.0kW

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