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With over 40 years’ experience, Creda has the knowledge to improve your home heating situation. Call DMS Installations in Glasgow, Scotland today for an obligation free installation quote for a new Creda heater.

  • The Quantum Energy System is up to 27% cheaper to run than comparable storage heaters
  • 24 hour timers allow for complete control over your heating
  • Half-heat switches allow you to reduce wattage as necessary


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Creda TSR Storage Heater

Creda Heating has over forty years’ experience in providing heating solutions for the UK, making them experts in all things relating to storage heaters scotland. Due to Creda Heating having developed as a business alongside the technology of the industry, they are acutely aware that the future of heating lies in low carbon electricity, as it gives the user both a reduced carbon footprint and lower running costs. This is due to high energy efficiency on the part of low carbon electricity and the relevant technology.
Creda Heating, however, is not only about pioneering heating technology. A Creda heater offers economy, convenience, and efficiency combined with innovative and stylish contemporary product design. Every Creda storage heaters is backed by a dedicated sales team and nationwide after-sales support and maintenance.

Creda Electric Storage Heater Energy Saving Features

Creda Heating encourages the responsible and smart application of energy usage in heating systems in the face of high fuel costs, dwindling fossil fuel supplies, and – most importantly – the issue of climate change. They incorporate energy saving features, technologies, and materials into all of their products and designs.

Up to 27% cheaper to run and uses up to 22% less energy than other comparable static storage heaters. It’s designed to use low-carbon energy from renewable sources and converts this into heat.

Use an economical mixture of direct and off-peak heat sources for a comfortable room temperature day and night. The amount of heat that’s drawn from each source is adjusted automatically.

Fan storage heaters combines the best features of low-cost storage heating with a direct acting element and fan assisted heat output. Also has two and half times greater insulation levels than conventional storage heaters.

Storage heaters which combine accurate background heat with a fast and effective source of direct heat for a rapid boost in room temperature.

Creda’s automatic input control on the TSR Sensor Plus automatically adjusts the amount of energy the heater needs to store in order to suit to the weather.

Creda TSR Slimline Electric Storage Heater

Working on any low-cost tariff, these heaters monitor the room temperature and energy stored within the heater core to avoid overcharging. This can save up to 15% of the energy used by ordinary storage heaters. Contact DMS Installations in Glasgow, Scotland to get an accredited and reliable installer that will be there for you should things go wrong.

Creda TSR Sensor Plus Electric Storage Heater

As with the Creda TSR Slimline Electric Storage Heater, the Sensor Plus storage heater is capable of monitoring the room’s temperature and adjust the energy stored within the heater core accordingly to avoid overcharging. Again, this can save up to 15% of the energy used by comparable storage heaters Scotland.

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