Storage heating solutions in Glasgow

Reduce your heating bills by upgrading to modern new, energy efficient, storage heaters from DMS Installations in Glasgow, Scotland. Save up to 25%. We offer a full range of fully fitted electric storage heating options and free advice on reducing your running costs.

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Storage Heaters in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Central Scotland

DMS Installations in Glasgow, Scotland supply and install a full range of slimline, fan assisted and high efficiency storage heating systems and oil radiators from Dimplex and Creda. Call now 01416381058 for our latest and best prices. We will assist with sizing and advice to ensure you get the most efficient electrical heating system for your budget. We offer free, no obligation quotations and can even advise on alternative electric heating solutions if required.

A storage heater uses cheap night time electricity to “charge up” and require a 2 rate meter in order to be cost efficient. If you do not have access to an Economy 7 meter, Comfort Plus meter or similar or are interested in looking at other options we can advise on installation costs and running costs of different options including:

  • Energy efficient, low input, Oil Filled Radiators
  • Direct Acting Panel Heaters
  • Direct Acting Electric Radiators
  • Electric Boilers
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Infra Red Panel Heaters
  • Warm Air Blowers

Electric Underfloor Heating

We can supply and install a variety of products by most manufacturers, with different options on heating controls from manual controls, programmable controls right through to Wi-Fi smart controls you can work with your mobile. Upgrading Storage heaters will improve the EPC energy rating of a property as well as reducing the heating costs and making your home more energy efficient. We can supply and install everything from basic, modern slim line storage heaters to the more efficient Fan Assisted Storage Heaters with automatic controls and programmers (saving around 15% on energy), through to the top of the range WFI controlled energy efficiency Dimplex Quantum Storage Heaters range (saving 27% on energy costs).

storage heaters

Creda TSR Storage Heater

storage heaters

Dimplex Combi Storage Heaters

storage heaters

Dimplex Quantum Storage Heaters

storage heaters

EHC Low Input Storage Heaters

Panel Heaters supply heat on demand and come in a wide variety of outputs to suit different room sizes and insulation levels. Thermostatic controls allow accurate regulation of room temperatures. Convection of the heat adds to the radiant heat, and allows for efficient movement of warm air to heat the room.

Replacing old Storage Heaters with Modern Slimline Storage Heaters can save 15% on running costs. Utilising cheap night time electricity to charge up these heaters are cheaper to run than conventional panel heaters. We can install a variety of makes and sizes to cater for any size of room.

When replacing standard, old storage heaters consider upgrading to Fan-assisted Storage Heaters. Combining a low speed, virtually silent electric fan, with more efficient insulation, Fan-assisted Storage Heaters are easier to control the heat output and cheaper to run. Savings can be as much as 10% over Modern Slimline Storage Heaters.

Dimplex Quantum High Heat Retention Storage Heaters represent the latest technology in Storage Heaters, saving up to 27% compared to modern slimline heaters. Available with a variety of individual and advanced heating controls. Combining the best insulation with night electricity rates and highly controllable heat output high Heat Retention Storage Heaters can transform your experience of electric heating.

We supply and install a range of Electric Combination Radiators to suit every style and taste. Convenient, efficient heating solutions for electric only properties, or for rooms without central heating. Contact us today to find out more information or to discuss your individual needs.

We offer a range of guaranteed and professionally installed Panel Heaters to suit any room. Our range starts with the cheapest manual Panel Heaters, to the latest WIFI and remote controlled programmable heaters.

For properties on a single rate meter looking for a cost efficient electric heating solution we can supply and install a range of Electric Combination Radiators. Designed to look like a traditional central heating radiator, these German manufactured solutions combine features of storage heaters and normal panel heaters. Providing heat on demand, day or night, combination radiators also store a portion of the heat to maintain the temperature in the room without running the heater constantly. Each hour of use only demands 20-30 minutes of electricity, providing economic and instant heating.

For expert advice on storage heaters and a no obligation, free quotation call our team on 0141 638 1058