Improve your home with Smart heating controls in Glasgow

Smart heating controls could revolutionise your home heating system! Now you can use the Smart heating system and control the heating in your home from any mobile device. Speak to the team at DMS Installations in Glasgow, Scotland for more information on Smart heating controls.

  • Control your home heating system from anywhere in the world from any smart device
  • Integrates with smart home solutions
  • Save energy by monitoring temperatures from your devices


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Smart Heating Controls

As technology advances, some things are left behind. Until recently, central heating controls were one such thing. No longer do we need to put up with a single, difficult to program or manual control for our heating system. Smart Thermostats bring the wonders of the modern age to controlling your heating system. With the ever increasing cost of energy, and 60% of energy being spent on heating your home, taking control of your costs makes increasing sense.


Elnur Ecombi Smart Storage Heater

A traditional thermostat or programmer requires manual input, and for you to be in your house. With a Smart thermostat you can control your heating from anywhere in the world using your smart phone, tablet or laptop. Some models can even learn your behaviour and implement savings on your behalf, should you wish. You can see in real time how much your heating is costing you, and you can reduce your costs when you don’t need heat!

Not only can a Smart Thermostat save you energy, it can increase your comfort too. You can turn your heating up from work if the temperature drops during the day or set your heating for the morning at the touch of a button while relaxing in bed! you can switch your heating on from holiday to prevent freezing pipes if the winter weather sets in at home.

The Scottish Government are currently offering £300 cash back for upgrading your heating controls through their HEEPS cash back scheme. Call us to see if you qualify and how to apply 0141 638 1058.

Enhance your home with Smart heating controls. For details, call our team on 0141 638 1058