Prevail over energy prices with a Vaillant boiler from our team in Glasgow

A Vaillant boiler is a green, reliable and affordable home heating system. A new Vaillant oil boiler will supply heat and hot water on demand and reduce energy wastage. DMS Installations in Glasgow, Scotland supply and install all Vaillant boiler models.

  • Rapid heating provides quick hot water supply
  • Encapsulated design makes for quick and easy installation
  • Eligible for loan funding through government scheme


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About the Vaillant Oil Boiler

Vaillant Boilers are available in Combi, System and Open-Vent models. Vaillant boilers are highly recommended throughout Europe for their efficiency and environmentally friendly designs. The Vaillant range of domestic boilers are made with the highest quality parts which mean they are extremely reliable and the reason why they are a popular choice around the U.K. With a broad range of combination, system and open vent boilers available, the Vaillant range will provide the perfect boiler for your home. Have a look below and find out everything about Vaillant Boilers and find out if they are the product you need.

Vaillant Combi Boilers are extremely energy efficient when compared to traditional water heating systems which results in energy bills being reduced significantly. Valiant pride themselves on their environmentally-friendly combis and all those in their selection are more than 90% efficient. The combis are all compactly designed making them convenient to install and their compatibility with all Valiant accessories makes them particularly straightforward to install.

The Vaillant System Boiler range differs from the Combi Range as they use a central heating expansion vessel. This, combined with the boiler and cylinder heats water and supply’s the house respectively. This allows the occupants to run more than one tap at the same time which means a situation where the heat of a shower is adversely affected by the pouring of a downstairs tap. System Boilers are also commonly known as sealed system boilers. They do not require a cold water tank which differs from an open vent boiler. Vaillant system boilers can also be used in conjunction with other renewable energy heating systems such as solar thermal.

The final range of Vaillant Boilers is the Open Vent line of Boilers. Open Vent systems are commonly referred to as Heat-Only, Conventional and Traditional. They are best suited to homes that are larger in scale, possibly to heat the water of an entire family.

Why Should I Choose a Vaillant Boiler?

Vaillant serve over 20 countries globally with heating solutions. The Vaillant Group has a growing focus on products and systems that use renewable energy. There is a growing demand for these products across Europe, and the focus Vaillant is the development of Hybrid systems which combine renewable energies with heating appliances to create highly efficient and intelligent systems. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of environment-friendly heating and air-conditioning technology, the Vaillant group are experts in renewable home energy systems. Home and world climate are vital in modern heating technology and can make an important contribution to achieving climate protection targets is in the interest of Vaillant. In the UK alone, replacing an old heating system with a new high efficiency boiler can save more than 30 % of energy a year.

A Vaillant boiler provides cheap, dependable heating all year round. For details, call our team on 0141 638 1058