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Get your new A or A+ rated Vokera combi or system boiler installed by the energy efficiency experts at DMS Installations in Glasgow, Scotland. Our team are certified Vokera installers, and we use only our own fully Gas Safe registered plumbers and engineers. Enjoy the benefits of increased efficiency, quality workmanship and extended guarantees.

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Vokèra Boilers

Vokèra is one of the most popular brands we stock here at DMS Installations. There have been more than one and a half million Vokèra boilers and heating products installed in England, Scotland and Ireland. Vokèra have been warming homes for a number of years, there quality products come highly recommended.

Why Choose Vokèra

Vokèra is ISO 9001 approved, supports the ‘benchmark’ initiative. The brand is also a member of the Heating and Hot Water Industry Council and the Gas Safe Register.
Vokèra appliances are pre-tested in the factory which they are developed in before dispatch. Vokèra offer boilers that are made with the latest technology and highest efficiency. They are also completely safe and offer reliable service.


All Vokèra boilers are condensing, or high efficiency, boilers as it is also known which maximise the heat the boiler generates by recovering some of the lost energy, which would normally be lost through the flue.
A condensing boiler can on average save you 30% of your energy usage. Legislation that came into force in 2005 now requires that any new domestic gas appliance is a condensing boiler.
In 2015, a piece of mandatory legislation was introduced that requires the presence of energy labels on heating products and systems.

Buy Your Vokèra Boiler

Are you looking for Vokera boiler installation services in Glasgow? Call us today to order your Vokèra boiler. This brand of boiler is an industry leader and will provide your home with a quality, heating solution. At DMS we offer comprehensive product range for domestic home heating and light commercial applications made by Vokèra. We can source a range of Vokèra’s heating products:

  • High Efficiency Condensing Combi Boilers
  • System Boilers
  • Open Vent Boilers Plus Water Heaters
  • Unvented Cylinders

A combi boiler provides heat for central heating and domestic hot water upon demand. With a combi boiler heating system, you will not need to invest in feed and expansion tanks. These are usually kept in the loft space of your home – therefore saving you space in your home.

A Vokèra system boiler is a boiler that is installed on a sealed central heating system. This may seem fairly obvious but a Vokèra system is not open to atmospheric pressure. The type of system connects to a storage cylinder that provides the domestic hot water and central heating.

We can install an open vent boiler in your domestic property. If you are looking for a boiler that is installed on an open vent central heating system, then Vokèra are an excellent choice. Their open vent boilers relate to the heating systems being open to atmospheric pressure as major components to an open vent system and can include feed and expansion tanks in the loft space of your home.

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