Efficient electric heating systems in Glasgow

Are you paying too much for your heating? With our modern electric heating systems, DMS Installations in Glasgow can cut your monthly bills and help you do your bit for the environment.

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Electric Boilers and Heating

Electric heating systems are not always a costly investment. At DMS Installations in Glasgow we offer our customers a variety of products that can help you to manage your own electric heating system whilst using less energy, thus minimising your monthly costs. If you are looking for an alternative to standard gas boiler services, look no further than our electric boiler and heating solutions.

There are two types of Electric Boiler on the market. Heat only, which works in conjunction with a hot water cylinder, and the Electromax combi boiler which comes complete with inbuilt hot water. We also supply and install Heatrae Sadia and Santon Electric Boilers and offer a range of electric storage heaters that can suitably warm up your home or workplace for less.

A heat-only electric boiler is a surprisingly cost effective way to heat your home. These boilers are quick to install, don’t take up too much space and allow for the individual management of both heating and hot water.

The cheapest in our range is our selection of panel heaters. They come with thermostatic controls to allow accurate regulation of room temperatures and can be used to supply on-demand heat to your room. While cheaper to install, they are the most costly to run due to the on-demand nature of their usage, whereas storage heaters allow the benefit of storing energy during non-peak times. They still provide great alternatives for heating a conventional living space and give great room coverage.

Slim-line storage heaters are perfect for those who are looking to minimise running costs from previous electric heating systems, offering running savings of up to 15% on other heaters. No matter the size of room that you have, they can warm the space quickly and effectively. At DMS, we supply brands such as Creda, Newlec, Elnur and Dimplex slim-line storage heaters for added choice and value.

These are also known as combi storage heaters. At DMS, we supply Creda, Newlec, Elnur and Dimplex brand combi heaters Glasgow and Scotland. Cost-effective to run, and reasonable in selling price, these heaters give plenty back to the buyer in energy saving costs. Alongside high heat retention storage heaters, these units have the added benefit of running with a Rate 2 Electricity Tariff, meaning that they can store heat sing cheaper night-time electricity to be used throughout the day when on-demand electricity would be far more expensive, offering you key savings in your energy bills.

We supply Dimplex Quantum high heat retention storage heaters. They are 47% cheaper to run than a standard electric radiator system, and are 27% cheaper to run than a standard electric storage heater, making these the ideal choice for those looking to save on their monthly energy bills. Dimplex Quantum Glasgow offer you the best choice for complete control of your home’s heating, and work by storing heat during periods of low energy demand.

Underfloor Heating

Another method of electric heating for your home is underfloor heating. Often not considered by homeowners, this can be another valuable method of heating your home. Rather than radiators attached to the walls, your heating is provided under flooring, allowing heat to rise up through floorboards and carpeting more evenly across the room. You may want to invest in underfloor heating if you are looking to save space and have an evenly heated room.

Made of specialist heating cable, this electric heating solution is perfect for those with less stable walls or those who would prefer not to have electric heaters. They heat slower than regular electric heaters, however use less energy to warm the room steadily due to being only a few degrees hotter than room temperature. There are a number of options available through us, from budget underfloor heating to branded Warmup heating.

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Underfloor Heating

Heat Pumps

Looking to save up to 70% on your fuel bills? Our range of Air-Source Heat Pumps are perfect for energy and money saving. Heat pumps are part of a larger renewable energy scheme, and there is currently funding available for the purchase and installation of these within your home.

Our electric heat pumps start with installation prices of £6000, yet with Government funding available and a warranty guarantee, there are plenty of opportunities for you to ensure you stay on top of your energy bills in future.

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