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UPVC Glazing.

Heat is lost through the windows of all properties. Single glazing in your home could be losing up to 20% of your heat energy. No wonder those winter months seem a little chilly! Single-glazing is often not sealed properly and the lack of cushioning between the glass pane and the outside cold can have negative effects on your home in the long run.

With energy prices constantly increasing it is essential your home is at its maximum energy efficiency, our new A+ rated Double glazed windows move towards a substantial increase in your homes energy efficiency reducing heat loss by at least 20%. Double-glazed windows help you save on your energy bills whilst improving your home's energy efficiency by reducing draughts and heat loss. Savings over single glazing are the highest and provide lower energy bills, a smaller carbon footprint and reduced condensation.

What are double-glazed windows Glasgow?

A double-glazed window is exactly as it is says on the tin. Single-glazed windows have only a singular pane of glass between you and the outside. Double-glazing gives you the chance to have a window that has two panes of glass secured in a UPVC frame. The small gap between the panes of glass is filled with a gas, capable of providing insulation for both heat and sound for your property.

Do your windows rattle and you are kept awake at night by the traffic running outside of your home? You most likely have single glazing. This can easily be fixed by your local DMS Installations qualified installer. For a comfortable, warm, and quiet night's sleep, double glazing is your answer.

About Our Double Glazing.

Our A-rated double glazed high efficiency windows have two sheets of glass with a gap between them (about 16mm) which is filled with Argon gas and creates an insulating barrier that keeps heat in. As well as this, energy efficient windows have the added benefits of insulating your home from outside noise and reducing condensation build-up on the inside of your windows. Energy-efficient windows come in a range of frame materials and styles.

They also vary, depending on:

  • How well they stop heat from passing through the window.

  • How much sunlight travels through the glass.

  • How little air can leak in or out around the window.

Your choice of frame can range from plastic to wood. The majority of customers will choose UPVC windows Glasgow. These windows are fully recyclable and require the least care in their lengthy lifespan. As they are plastic they are very easy to clean and are often reinforced with steel to ensure you are comfortable they will be secure in your window panes. If you are looking for the greener option, UPVC is your best bet for recyclability and long-term happiness with your double glazing solutions.

Wooden frames are another popular choice, but they do not last as long as UPVC due to the organic nature of wood. It is, however, painted and coated with a protective layer to ensure that moisture and cold do not ruin the wood. They can last many years without problems and if you prefer the look of wood in your home, contact us for more information.

About Our Double Glazing.

Did you know that by simply changing your windows from single to double glazing Glasgow you can improve on your home report and your energy performance certificate? Though you may not be considering selling or renting your property, you should always consider what may become available to you in future.

At DMS Installations, we are committed to helping you find the best ways to not only reduce your energy bills every month but to improve your overall home's efficiency. If you are aware of being green in your property, or you simply want to improve your EPC, we are the people to talk to.

Your property will benefit from a better EPC report Glasgow when it comes time to sell it on. Without double glazing, your report may highlight this as an additional investment for future buyers who may be persuaded to purchase a more energy-efficient home. You are not only saving energy on your own bills by installing double glazing, but you are investing for your future too.

Energy Efficiency Rating.

Each one of our UPVC double glazing windows Glasgow is fully regulated with an energy efficiency rating. We are authorised BFRC energy efficient double glazing installers Glasgow of our double glazed windows, and all of our windows are A-rated. This means that your property will have only the highest quality glass used and a frame that is strong and trustworthy for your home's future.

An A-rated double glazing Glasgow panel will keep heat locked in your home at a far more efficient rate than that of single-glazing. You can be sure that by installing your new windows with us you are getting quality and professionalism with every step. We are available for questions whenever you need us. Call us today for a free consultation and to book your new double glazing installation.


There are regulations in place for the energy efficiency of all double glazed windows Glasgow. No property will be given below-standard windows by following government-introduced regulations. In Scotland, all double glazing must be WER band C or U to a value of 1.6. All of our windows are of the highest standard on the scale and will be able to keep your property warm and comfortable.

Reducing Condensation.

There are more reasons to install double glazing windows Glasgow than simply reducing noise and heat loss. Many of us know that a build-up of condensation in a property can be a sign of moisture retention in a room. At its worst, condensation can build mould on the walls of your property's rooms.

Mould can cause potentially harmful health problems such a respiratory infections or aggravate allergies. Once present in a home, spores are difficult to get rid of, so fighting the root cause of their appearance in your property could save you additional cleaning and disinfecting.
If you notice condensation on your windows, it may be time to consider double glazing. You will reduce the amount of moisture in your rooms and potentially save your family health problems down the line. Consider double glazing today.

Am I eligible for double glazing?

Every home is able to install double glazing where suited in the property. However, there are some restrictions that apply to people who live in listed properties or those in conservation areas.

If your home is usually subject to requiring planning permission, this will also apply for double glazing installation Glasgow. Your property requires a number of changes in order to be considered energy efficient if it is older, and this will often require you to apply to a local council for planning permission.

Double glazing is considered an energy efficient home change and should be improved depending on your building and the location. If you are cleared for installation, we can install your windows with ease and with minimal obstruction to your day.

Replace Your Old Windows.

If you are simply looking to replace your old windows and frames, get in touch with DMS Installations today. If you have wooden frames and are looking to switch to plastic, UPVC is your best choice. It is one of the better choices for your property in terms of longevity. If selling your property, switching to UPVC frames can be an attractive prospect to highlight to potential buyers.

Increasing your home value alongside selling your property as one that is energy efficient and energy conscious can save future owners money and, in the meantime, do the same for you.

Add your new double glazing and window frames to other energy efficiency measures for the most improved energy bills. Save money on all areas of your energy bill with DMS.

Further Energy-Saving Methods.

Once your double glazing Glasgow has been installed, you can find other home improvement measures to keep your property saving energy by following simple steps. These include.

  • Using heavy curtains to provide an extra layer of protection for your home. These can help if the fabric is heavy, blocking more of the cold from draughts seeping into the room.

  • Re-Sealing. Your doors and windows can grow a little loose in their sealing and from time to time you should re-seal these to prevent further draughts.

  • Insulation. Around your windows in cavity walls you could be missing out on insulation that could save up to 30% of your property's energy loss. Cavity wall insulation Glasgow is available for all property types eligible.

All our installations are A rated for energy efficiency and come complete with a 10 year guarantee. Contact us today for more information and a highly competitive quote. 0141 638 1058

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