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Underfloor Heating.


DMS can design and install underfloor heating and underfloor insulation for suspended timber floors and dry or wet screeding for solid concrete floors. We combine our experience of heating, renewables insulation, and energy usage to calculate and design the most energy efficient solution possible. Although our head office is based in Glasgow, we conduct our business across the entirety of the central belt, from the West coast to the East. No area in Scotland is out of reach should it be necessary; the Northeast, the Grampians, or the Highlands and Islands are all areas we are able to reach. Our engineers can design and install your underfloor heating system on its own or as part of a conventional oil / gas / LPG system or as part of one of our many renewable or multi source solutions. 

We have a wide range of insulation options: foil insulation, PIR Board (Kingspan or alterantives), sheep wool, glass fibre, foil, foil bubletec, and overlay boards. Our experts will be able to advise on the best solutions for your individual project. 

We can design and install a range of Underfloor Heating Systems from manufactures such as Solflex, Myson and PolyPipe.  We offer a selection of controller options: Individual Room Thermostats and zone control, wired or wireless Room Thermostats, and even remote access WIFI options to control your system from anywhere in the world. 

There are several benefits to underfloor heating:

  • Efficient - Savings of 15% to 40% over conventional radiators.

  • Comfortable - More even heating of your room.

  • Looks – No unsightly radiators.

  • Space – Use every part of your room.

  • Control – Individual room temperature control.

  • Allergies – Less dust, better for Asthma sufferers.

  • Safety – Less risk of burns from hot radiators.

How Does Underfloor Heating Works?

Underfloor heating can be either a system that pumps warm water through piping under the floor ...

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Underfloor Heating - Efficiency.

Traditional radiators warm a room by convection and by radiation. The room is warmest closer to the radiators and may be too cold in areas situated far from them. The hot, convected air rises, resulting in the air near the ceiling warming up while leaving the floor cold. Considering our feet play a large part in regulating our body temperature, this can have a massive effect on our personal comfort. 

Underfloor heating is far more comfortable, providing a warm floor throughout the entire room, with heat rising up past body height. The temperature of underfloor heating is far lower than that of radiators; our central heating engineers Glasgow will calculate the exact output to heat your room to an appropriate temperature whilst using the minimal amount of energy necessary. This will result in every rooms temperature reaching a comfortable level but avoiding heat wasted at ceiling height. This is due to the fact that all heat is coming directly from the floor and rising straight up. As it rises, the air will cool just past head height before returning to the floor to be reheated and recirculated. 

Whilst useful in any situation, underfloor heating works great with either low temperature air source heat pumps or ground source heat pumps. An underfloor heating system’s benefits can particularly be noticed in houses with high ceilings, with the temperature difference between the floor temperature and the temperature at head height being only 2 degrees.


When the annual savings are added up, and the longevity of the system considered, the lifetime cost of underfloor insulation is far less than that of using radiators. 

Due to lower running temperatures, and less heat wasted at ceiling level, underfloor heating is more efficient than using radiators. Our energy efficiency experts can calculate specific heat requirements of your rooms, and specify the exact heat out required to keep your room at the desired temperatures. Our system designers can plan an underfloor heating system, fixings, manifolds, pipe layout and insulation requirements to suit each room of your home.

Underfloor Heating - Comfort & Control.


As well as more comfortable and consistent room temperatures, each room will have a choice of individual control options. We can even supply controls compatible with your smart phone, allowing you to control each room temperature remotely. The temperature difference between the floor and head height is only a couple of degrees, allowing accurate control of room temperature across the whole room. 

The underfloor heating system can be controlled by both time and heat, allowing you to set exactly when and to what temperature your home sits at. This is particularly useful in the winter months to allow a warm and comfortable living space to wake up in and return home to. Smart thermometers attached to the underfloor heating system by our Glasgow heating engineers provide real time feedback, allowing homeowners to track their central heating usage. You can also control the underfloor heating system remotely, meaning that if you are ahead of schedule or delayed for whatever reason, the heating system can be turned on or off to provide warmth or save money.

Underfloor Heating - Looks & Space.


With no unsightly radiators taking up room in your house, your home will look more modern as well as be more comfortable. With no radiators you can make full use of every bit of space within your room without blocking the heat. This is especially useful in smaller homes where space is at a premium. Every square metre of floor space is valuable, especially space next to walls where radiators are normally found. These spaces provide the most stable standing positions for furniture, and should be utilised properly wherever possible. 

It is also useful in family homes where young children are at play. Radiators are large, solid objects that pose a real danger to babies and young children. Radiators can also present a burn hazard across all age ranges. Underfloor heating, on the other hand, has in built safety features as well as being removed from direct contact with occupiers of the house. Consequentially, families may have to spend additional money making radiators family friendly. Removing radiators make a house far safer for children; this is turn reduces stress on parents, a near-priceless benefit.

Underfloor - Heating & Allergies.

Underfloor heating creates less air movement than convection from radiators, meaning less dust circulation. If laid under carpets, underfloor heating keeps the carpet warmer. This results in less moisture retained in the carpet, removing a breeding ground for the house dust mite. Dust mites are a common allergen, so removing their breeding ground can significantly raise the standard of living for those prone to allergies.

Additionally, substantial amounts of dust can gather behind and inside radiators. Removing these removes both a gathering place for dust and dirt, as well as making rooms in general easier to clean. This in turn can cut down on the time required to perform house hold cleaning chores, saving precious hours or even days in free time over the course of a year. Less time cleaning means more time for your favourite activities or with the ones you love.

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