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Introducing the Tesla Powerwall

The Tesla Powerwall represents the future of home power supply and storage. Designed with the future in mind, the Powerwall offers the best there is in Lithium Ion battery technology. The Powerwall provides energy storage for solar self-consumption, backup power, and load shifting.
When attached to a solar supply system, the Tesla Powerwall will store any excess energy produced and allow the appropriate amount to pass to your house’s circuit.

What is the Tesla Powerwall?

The Tesla Powerwall is the most advanced home power supply and storage system available on the open market. Designed to store the electricity produced by solar panels, the Powerwall bridges the gap between peak solar and peak demand, avoiding unnecessary loss of electricity and reducing your overall energy costs.

Although the area of home industry storage is still in it’s infancy, Tesla have been developing their home battery system for several years. Currently, the same technology is in use in their automotive branch. The Lithium Ion battery has shown to be safe, efficient and easy to maintain.

How does the Tesla Powerwall work?

A typical Powerwall system is comprised of either four or five components: one or more solar panels, one or more Tesla Powerwall batteries, an inverter for converting electricity between direct and alternating current, your home’s electrical panel, and if required, a secondary backup panel and switch.

In the instances where a home doesn’t have solar panels installed, the Tesla Powerwall will charge at when the utility rates are low and discharge when the rates are higher, shifting the cost of each kWh down for the end user.

The Powerwall will charge during the daytime with electricity provided by solar panels or by low-rate electricity supplied by a utility company. At peak hours, it will take the load of electricity supply from the grid, removing the cost of high rate electricity supply. Stored as DC in the Lithium Ion battery, upon discharge the electricity passes through an inverter to convert to AC supply. This allows the stored electricity to be used for your home circuit.

For use in emergency cases, a backup circuit and switch can also be installed. Any required appliances or systems can be added to this backup circuit, allowing the Powerwall to kick in upon failure of the local grid to keep them operational. This can be especially helpful in less accessible areas with longer wait times for repairs to the grid.

What are the benefits for me?

The Tesla Powerwall is easy to maintain and fully waterproof, so can be installed outdoors as well as indoors, potentially saving you valuable indoor space. No home improvement, especially a home battery system, should have a negative impact of your or your family’s quality of living, something Tesla kept in mind while developing the Tesla Powerwall.

The Powerwall reduces overall energy bills of a household, either by selling energy back to the grid or smart shifting the electricity supplied by a utilities company to a lower rate. After the installation, any solar panels installed will provide free energy through photovoltaic cells, utilising a source of sustainable energy to turn your house into an energy efficient home.

The Powerwall also comes with a 10-year warranty, providing piece of mind. Tesla have a history of fantastic customer service and support, and with the Tesla Powerwall this is no different. Rest easy knowing that should anything happen to your Tesla Powerwall, help will be with you rapidly. The self-contained design of the Powerwall also ensures that there is no risk to anyone in the house should a malfunction happen.

Why the Tesla Powerwall?

  • Quality – The Tesla Powerwall uses the best Lithium Ion battery technology available, developed by the market leader in deep cycle battery innovation.

  • Style – With a minimal, elegant design, the Tesla Powerwall adds beauty as well as function to your home.

  • Versatility – Provide AC or DC, installed inside or out, brand new installation or retro fit, the Tesla Powerwall is able to mould itself to the requirements at hands.

  • Power – The Tesla Powerwall has an impressive 7kWh storage capacity and a powerful 3.3kWh output, making it more than powerful enough to supply energy for all your household needs.

How do I get an installation?

Contact us here to schedule a Tesla-Certified installation or to ask for further information. All Powerwalls must be installed by a certified Tesla installer or the warranty will be voided, so make sure you don’t void the warranty by getting in touch today.


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