Samsung Heat Pumps Provide Cost-Cutting Alternative To Traditional Heating Systems

The Samsung Air Source Heat Pumps are based on cutting edge technology to deliver as efficient a solution as possible.

  • Qualifies for government funding

  • Easy to install and control

  • Can operate down to -25oC

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Samsung Air Source Heat Pumps

Heating your home can be expensive especially during the cold winter months. Heating your home is one the most important aspects of life during the cold Scottish winter. With heating bills steadily increasing, we are always on the lookout for lower prices. Heat pumps Scotland can provide you with the saving you are looking for, reducing your energy bills.

A Samsung heat pump constantly moves heat from one place to another. Ensuring that a whole area is kept warm. Air source heat pumps represent the latest technology advances in energy efficient heating. The Samsung heat pump uses the air from the outside to heat your home. By constantly moving the heat from one place to another the Samsung heat pump not only generated heat but are also energy efficient. Heat pumps Scotland have an efficiency between 250% and 450%, depending on the design.

Being concerned with the environment is a top priority for the most people. Samsung heat pumps can create a considerable amount of energy making it have several environmental advantages.

The Samsung Heat Pumps Range

Samsung air source heat pumps are an energy efficient device that transfers heat energy from the source of the heat, moving the thermal heat energy in the opposite direction. This warm flow of heat is used to heat an entire room or home. 

Samsung heat pumps will lower your fuel bill, saving you money. An average sized home would typically pay an average of £1000 or more for their energy bill. Most of that figure being the cost for heating. Investing in a Samsung air course heat pump can cut costs up to 65%. Which in the long term will make a significant difference to your pocket.

Benefits of The Samsung Air Source Heat Pumps

  • Renewable technology

  • Saves on costs

  • High-efficiency percentage

  • Easy design and use

  • Safer than systems based on combustion

  • Less to no maintenance

  • Produce lower CO2 than traditional methods

Whether you are looking to heat a home, small flat or office space the Samsung air source heat pumps offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional heating systems. Heat pumps Scotland offer sustainable heat technology that provides efficient heat energy and hot water all year round.

Similarly, to any other heating system, the Samsung heat pump works best in locations that have high levels of thermal efficiency. Whether for private or commercial use, the Samsung heat pumps will be beneficial. 

Why Choose Samsung Heat Pumps

Not only do Samsung heat pumps offer great renewable, eco- friendly energy. The UK Government has created a renewable heat incentive scheme. This scheme is set up to reward households that install renewable technology. The scheme gives quarterly payments out to any households with renewable technology. This can be a payment of up t0 £680 annually. That’s a payment of £170 quarterly for only installing Samsung heat pumps. 

Samsung heat pumps not only heats your home but also heats your water all year round. In addition to this, the air source heat pumps will reduce your carbon footprint. Helping the planet as well as your pocket.

How Does the Samsung Heat Pump Work

Heat pumps Scotland extracts heat from the air, ground and water. Therefore, the heat is being renewed naturally. The heat is then delivered at a lower rate and temperature over a longer period. This will ensure that your home is warmer for longer.

 The Samsung heat pump only requires a small amount of energy to develop the fuel into heat. This is due to the vapour compression cycle that the pump uses. This cycle has the ability to move heat from one space to another. Heat pumps are around 300% efficient. Meaning that for every unit of energy that is used by the heating operations, three or more units of heat are generated for use in a building.

As Samsung heat pumps work by extracting available heat from the outside air, they are far more efficient than even the most efficient fossil-fuel based heating systems.

Samsung Air Source Heat Pumps Models 

Samsung EHS Monobloc

The Samsung EHS Monobloc range is what an air source heat pump should be. With years of research invested to makes this model efficient, it is an excellent heat pump. It is simple in the install, configure and use. The EHS Monobloc is one of the most cost-effective solutions to the majority of domestic heating needs. 

Features of the Samsung EHS Monobloc

  • Provides up to 55°C water supply

  • Easy to install and control

  • Operation range down to -25°C

  • Higher capacity at low ambient temperature

Samsung EHS Split

The Samsung EHS Split is the newest development added to the line to meet the growing demands for heat pumps. This air-to-water system is designed and built specially to optimise heating. This easy to use model can meet all your heating demands. This cost-effective heat pump provides an efficient performance all year long.

It is designed to optimise heating performances at the actual operating temperature. This will ensure that your home is kept warm during the cold months, as well as cool during the warmers months. This Samsung heat pump is also flexible and is widely compatible. This flexibility allows for easier control. The Samsung EHS Split can be used alongside other energy saving products such as; solar panels, backup boilers and hot water tanks. Therefore, this model is more versatile than ever.

Features of the Samsung EHS Split

  • Eeasy to use and install

  • Extremely flexible

  • Compatible with all low-temperature systems

  • High seasonal energy efficiency

Samsung EHS TDM

The Samsung TDM can produce water and air which are heated or cooled by a single outdoor unit. This air system can achieve a stable temperature quickly. This is a cost effective; eco- friendly technology is ideal for locations where space is limited. The innovative technology featured in the Samsung TDM enables a single outdoor unit to operate two functions. As there is only one system installed for both your heating and air conditioning, having this system installs not only saves on costs but is a more efficient use of space. This fast, flexible and dual approach to controlling, makes this model one of the best on the market.

Features of the Samsung EHS TDM

  • Energy efficient

  • Both heating and cooling capacity

  • Low noise level

  • High performance

Benefits of Samsung EHS Models

  • The Samsung EHS Mono features an integrated design that includes the hydronic components. This will not only provide you with energy saving heat but will save space in your home. The new design is also simple to install and use.

  • The Samsung Split is one of the newest models available in the line- up. This air to water heating system is designed for high-performance heating. Providing your property with effective heat, as well as hot water to your home.

  • The last model, the Samsung EHS TDM delivers the ultimate, heating and cooling system that works during all the season. This model of heat pumps is a perfect if you are looking for a year-round solution to heating and cooling.


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