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Insulate your home to save money and save energy.

To reduce spending on your bills and save on energy use there are a variety of steps you can take. Insulating your home reduces heat loss resulting in substantial savings on your heating bills. The most well-known are Loft Insulation and Cavity Wall Insulation, DMS also offer Draught Proofing, Water Tank and Pipe Insulation, as well as Under Floor Insulation as part of our Insulation Departments' services.


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Cash Back.

The Scottish government are currently offering up to £1,300 towards energy saving measures for properties in Council Tax Bands A, B and C, although the energy saving grants are limited to first come first served. To access the HEEPS Cash Back funding you will need a Green Deal Report (an EPC with Occupancy Assessment or OA) which, as a Green Deal Advice Organisation (GDAO), we can supply your assessment and Report for £100. To Obtain your cash back you must have your vouchers before carrying out any installation works. Our experienced Green Deal Energy Assessors can help you with applying for your vouchers while advising on what work should be carried out. Contact us now to arrange your EPC, Occupancy Assessment and Report on 0141 638 1058. Scottish Governments HEEPS Cash Back you can access includes;

  • £500 for a new boiler.

  • £400 for Insulation.


We have access to funding for ECO insulation works for certain areas. Although the days of free loft, cavity or underfloor insulation are coming to an end, it is possible we could still at least partially fund your work. We have HHCRO funding towards boilers for people on certain benefits. There are some free boiler grants left, and some at a substantial discount. See our page on funding for more information.

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We can assess your energy use through our Green Deal Advice Organisation (GDAO), Insulate every aspect of your home, including High Efficiency A Rated Double Glazing to reduce your energy waste, upgrade your Heating Controls for smarter energy use, and help you reduce your energy need by upgrading your Oil, Gas or LPG Boiler to an A Rated Condensing Boiler. Many of our customers are interested in reducing costs and environmental impacts even further by exploring the benefits and funding on the full range of Renewable Energy which we can offer. A true whole house approach designed to meet the needs and interests of our customers, not what suits our product range. Call us today on 0141 638 1058 to see how we can help you live smarter and more efficiently.


Your households energy bills are often one of your biggest financial expenditures. In fact, the average cost of heating a typical UK home is £752 per year.

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Loft insulation.

Insufficient loft insulation is a major source of heat loss in your home. Heat rises, and in an uninsulated home 25% of heat generated is lost through the roof. Topping up your loft insulation to 300mm will quickly pay for itself in fuel bill savings. DMS use 100% recycled Glass Wool insulation, manufactured in Sterling from Scottish waste bottles. A truly sustainable and energy efficient material source, manufactured and installed locally which will be effective for 42 years.

The Scottish Governments HEEPS cash back scheme will refund £400 toward the cost of improving loft insulation for properties in council tax bands A, B and C. Contact us today to discuss how DMS can help.

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Cavity Wall insulation.

33% of heat lost in your home is through your cavity walls. Insulating your cavity walls can save £160 per year on your energy use in a typical home. Cavity Wall Insulation can help reduce condensation and dampness on internal walls in 2 ways; Clearing bridging of the cavity preventing dampness crossing the cavity, and secondly by increasing the temperature of the internal walls reducing condensation.

When installing Cavity Wall Insulation it is essential you are fully protected and choose a reputable installer who will not only install the job correctly, but be able to answer and correct if anything should go wrong. DMS use a selection of products to suit different properties, and will ensure your work is of the highest standard. All our work is covered by 25 year CIGA guarantee and you are fully protected by extensive Products Liability as well as protected against the wrong advice by our Professional Indemnity. We stand by our work, and have the backing to protect you and your home. Contact one of our team today to discuss your needs further.

The Scottish Governments HEEPS cash back scheme will refund £400 toward the cost of improving cavity insulation for properties in council tax bands A, B and C. Contact us today to discuss how DMS can help.

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Underfloor Insulation.

DMS also specialise in the installation of Underfloor Insulation to properties with a void, or crawl space, under the floor. Insulating a suspended timber floor will reduce draughts and save up to £100 on your heating bills. We normally install from underneath, but it is possible to lift floorboards. It is essential to allow sufficient air circulation to prevent rotting of the floor timbers, and as such you should only trust an experienced, accredited and fully insured installer such as DMS to ensure your home is insulated properly and fully protected for the long term. The Scottish Governments HEEPS cash back scheme will refund £400 toward the cost of improving under floor insulation for properties in council tax bands A, B and C. Contact us today to discuss how DMS can help.

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Underfloor heating insulation.

Underfloor Heating insulation is normally installed as part of an underfloor heating job. We can fit the insulation, or design and install the entire system. Contact us to find out more of discuss your requirements.

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Draught Proofing.

One of the simplest and cost efficient ways to save money on your heating bills and also to save energy. Good ventilation provides controlled air flow, draughts are unwanted ventilation, letting in more cold air than you want. The idea behind all the measures made available by the government's new initiatives on energy efficiency is to keep heat in, where it is wanted. We can carry our Draught proofing to your home and help control these unwanted draughts. Remember, all our installers are Green Deal approved, professionally accredited and fully insured. Draught proofing can qualify for Scottish Government HEEPS cashback.


Getting the right products installed professionally is important for your home. DMS installs a range of cavity loft and under floor insulation products to suit your home construction and location. All our Cavity installation jobs are BBA approved and come complete with a 25-year Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA) warranty. We are fully insured with £10,000,000 Public and Products Liability and £250,000 Professional Indemnity cover, so can rest assured knowing you and your property are fully protected.

Areas covered.

DMS cover Glasgow, Edinburgh and right across the central belt including Ayrshire, Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, Stirling and Falkirk. We do cover more remote and further afield areas and have customers in many islands including Arran, Bute, Jura, Lewis, Islay and Millport and as far as Perth, Dundee and Aberdeen. Call us today for a free home survey on 0141 638 1058.


“Outstanding service”

Contacted DMS Installations when my boiler packed in. Can not fault the service from start to finish and I'm amazed how quickly my problem was resolved. They sent an engineer out to my house straight away to give me quotes for a new boiler then within three days I now have a new combi boiler fitted!! Which means hot water and working radiators woo hoo!! Would recommend this company to anyone.


“Professional and knowledgeable”

Highly knowledgeable and helpful, guided me through the options at length. I was guided to a Renewable solution that pays for itself through RHI / FIT and my bills are down £165 a month. Thanks!


“Great service ”

The staff were all very helpful and friendly. I now have the kitchen I wanted. Thank you DMS. The workmen were great guys. I already recommended them to my mate


“Fantastic Team”

My mother had her insulation and boiler upgraded, the workman team that did the work were outstanding and very professional> I would gladly reccomend "DMS Installations"


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