Ensure Efficient Oil Boiler Heating With A Grants Oil Boiler

Perfect for when gas boilers are not an option, Grants Oil Boilers are efficient, clean, and available in a variety of power outputs.

  • Highly efficient home heating

  • Blue Flame TechnologyTM results in a cleaner combustion process

  • Suitable for either in house or outdoor installations

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Our Grant UK Boilers Range

When it comes to oil central heating systems, Grant are leading experts. The name ‘Grant’ has in recent years become synonymous with highly efficient oil fired-fired central heating appliances for both home and trade purposes.

Grants boilers like the ‘Multi Pass’ boiler oil heating system have achieved efficiency levels far in excess of any UK or European Standard and as such have helped thousands of homes reduce their annual fuel bills. As such, it should be no surprise that Grant are yet again leading the way with the Grant Vortex Boiler.

What Is a Condensing Oil Boiler?

A condensing oil heater boiler differs from traditional boilers in that they are designed to capture heat that is normally lost through the flue system during the combustion process. Unlike traditional oil fired central heating boilers, the Grant Vortex condensing boiler has a built-in stainless steel hear exchange which incorporates Grant’s unique turbulator baffle system. This cools the gases to a temperate where the latent heat – normal lost to the atmosphere through the flue – can be safely extracted. This recovered heat allows the boiler to operate continuously at much higher efficiency levels, resulting in lower heating and hot water running costs.

Advantages of Oil Fired Central Heating

  • Oil is highly efficient as a heating fuel. Oil can achieve efficiency levels other fuel types can’t, making it perfect for homes not connected to the gas mains and/or in isolated areas where fuel delivery can be sporadic.

  • Oil fired condensing boilers provide more efficiency by recycling waste flue gases. By cooling the gases created as a by-product of the combustion process, oil fired combi boilers can recycle what would have been waste heat, allowing them to operate at an even higher efficiency than traditional boilers. This also keeps oil boiler prices down by qualifying them for government funding schemes.

Oil Central Heating Systems

All oil fired central heating used in Britain for domestic and small premise purposes uses 28sec oil, more commonly known as Kerosene. The “sec” addition of the oil description is an abbreviation of seconds. The “sec” part refers to the viscosity (thickness) of the oil. Originally, this was measured by noting the time it took for a ball beating of a set diameter to pass through a set distance of the oil.

In terms of pollutants, 28sec oil burns clean, leavening minimal deposits such as smoke and soot on after burn. Other popular appliances that use 28sec oil include AGAs. The other common type of oil found in domestic and small premise use is 35sec oil.

Grant Oil Boiler – The VortexBlue Range

The Grant VortexBlue combines out existing, well proven condensing oil boiler technology with a revolutionary new blue flame. By using a cutting edge Riello Blue Flame compact burner in conjunction with the familiar Vortex oil-fired boiler, Grant have developed an easy to install, reliable product that is both efficient and eco-friendly.

Grant have put a particular focus on developing a new generation of clean burning, low emission, high efficiency boilers for over two years. These products are designed to be future proofed, allowing them to meet the EU emission changes that are planned to come into force in 2018. Despite the technology of the oil boiler being advanced in nature, the boiler and burner combination is easy to set up and install, minimising the disruption caused to your household.

The cutting edge VortexBlue range consists of 15 models with heating outputs ranging up to 36kW. Available in internal, external, and combi models, the boilers are compatible with all Grant EZ-Fit flues. Sealed System variants of the Kitchen/Utility range are also available.

Blue Flame Technology

Grant and Riello’s R&D have together successfully matched and field trialled this new range of innovative appliances. As the name suggests, the flame produced is blue in colour, rather than the usual yellow colour of the standard burners fitted in our current Grant Vortex range, which results in a much cleaner combustion process. All of the Grant VortexBlue boilers operate at the very high efficiency levels expected of the Grant Vortex condensing range and have the added benefit of producing extremely low NOx emissions.

Together, Grant and Reillo have successfully developed and field tested this new range of innovative appliances. As could be inferred from the name, the flame is blue in colour, as opposed the standard yellow colour of typical oil boilers in our current Grant Vortex range. 

The blue flame results in a much cleaner combustion process, reducing carbon emissions. All of the Grant VortexBlue boiler operate at the high levels of efficiency expected of the Grant Vortex condensing oil boiler range; they also have the added benefit of producing extremely low NOx­ emissions.

From 2018, any oil fired boilers fitted in the UK will have to lower NOx emission targets. These emission levels are likely to become increasingly more stringent. This is the reason for Grant and Reillo joining forces to future proof their oil fired appliances with Blue Flame technology.

Grant Combi Boiler – the Grant Vortex Combi

A Grant combi boiler offers the latest in energy efficiency technology as well as internal frost protection, 24 ltr expansion vessel, neon diagnostic indicators and a factory fitted internal condensate trap. These have all been designed to make installation and servicing easier, a plus when maintenance teams may have to travel some distance to service your oil home heating system.

Grant Vortex Pro Combi’s have large plate heat exchangers. Due to their low water content and large surface area, hot water performance is vastly increased.

The Grant Vortex Combi range comes as both an external oiler boiler or an internal oil boiler.

Grant Vortex Combi Features

The Grant Vortex Combi oil boiler has the following features:

  • Grant Vortex Pro Combi 26kW internal – Awarded ‘Which? Best Buy 2008’

  • Available in four models – 21kW, 26kW, 26kW XS and 36kW.

  • Suitable for kitchen installations

  • 26kW Combi XS model only 515mm wide

  • 24ltr expansion vessel on all models

  • Neon diagnostic indicators

  • High efficiency circulating pump

  • Simple and quick to install with no complicated wiring or plumbing

  • Unique Grant Vortex stainless steel heat exchanger

  • Extremely compact design

  • Riello RDB burner (with plug & socket connection)

  • Efficiency: 89.5 – 91.6% GROSS (SAP2009)

Oil Boilers in Conjunction with Other Heat Sources

Oil boilers can be utilised alongside other heating methods to provide the most effective and encompassing heating environment possible. In particular, biomass boilers are popular choices. Their ease of installation and non-reliance on the gas mains make them a perfect choice alongside oil boilers for areas that are hard to reach, but have an abundance of biomass.

For additional information on oil boilers, click here.


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