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  • Most commonly spun from melted sand or recycled bottles, making it environmentally sustainable

  • High thermal insulation property makes it perfect for home insulation uses

  • Long lifespan means it will last as long as the building will.

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Glass Wool Insulation

Glass wool insulation

Glass Wool insulation is a material with a set of highly applicable physical properties that make it perfect for home insulation or industrial insulation applications. Glass wool insulation is another name for fibreglass insulation. It can sometimes be referred to as glass fibre insulation or fibreglass batts. Glass bottles are melted at extreme temperatures and then spun into fibres. The resulting material has millions of microscopic air pockets created within it, which is the main reason for glass wool insulation’s excellent insulating properties.

Glass wool insulation is produced either in rolls or in slabs. It can be produced with different thermal and mechanical properties depending on the composition and requirements. It can also be produced as a material which may be sprayed or applied in place onto the surface to be insulated. Whether used for cavity wall insulation or as loft insulation, glass wool insulation is a choice that will last and provide the kind of thermal insulation any homeowner is looking for.

Glass Wool Insulation – Similar To Sheep Wool Insulation

Glass wool insulation installation

You may be surprised to learn that glass wool insulation works in a very similar way to natural sheep’s wool and down feathers. Various binders can be used to hold the insulation together. Glass wool insulation has for decades been associated with irritation of eyes, nose, skin and throat. Thankfully, technological developments have resulted in a vast improvement in the product design, resulting in far softer and more pleasant glass wool insulation products now being available on the market. Brands such as  Knauf Earthwool have taken the low-itch factor to a new level, and you’d have a hard time guessing that it is indeed glass wool insulation.

Features Of Glass Wool Insulation:

  • Glass wool insulation comes in rolls that can simply be unrolled between joists, making it very easy to install.

  • It has good insulating properties, helping to keep heat in during the winter and heat out during the summer.

  • It is the cheapest of all the insulation products, with rolls available from DIY shops for about £2/m2

  • Glass wool insulation also provides good acoustic qualities.

  • Glass wool insulation is resistant to fire.

  • During the manufacture process, about 70-80% of the glass wool is produced from recycled glass.

  • Glass wool insulation is resistant to insect infestation.

Why Is Glass Wool Insulation So Popular?

Glass wool insulation is hugely popular, and not without good reason. The bulk of glass wool insulation originates from sand, one of the world’s most abundant natural resources. This makes it a strong choice for those that are worried about the sustainability of their insulation, be it cavity wall insulation or otherwise. Other additional benefits of glass wool insulation are that they are resistant to vermin, and are non-combustible – an obvious bonus considering they are almost always installed within the actual building frame. When properly installed as loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, or underfloor insulation of a home, glass wool insulation can be expected last as long as the home itself.

  • Thermal insulation—Mineral wool, slag wool, and glass wool make excellent thermal insulators due to their intertwined fibres that form low-density air cells within the material. Insulation may be produced as loose-fill material for insulating flat surfaces, or batts for ceilings, attics, and ducting.

  • Acoustic soundproofing—Glass wool absorbs sonic energy and is often used to improve the acoustic performance of walls, ceilings, floors, and roofs.

  • Fire protection—A major advantage of glass wool products is that their fibres are non-combustible. Their use as thermal or acoustic insulation therefore contributes to the fire safety of the building or area.

  • Sustainability—Glass wool insulation is made of recycled materials such as slag, glass, and other industrial by-products. It is one of the most energy-efficient building materials: the energy saved from its use as a thermal insulator quickly eclipses the cost of its sourcing and manufacture.

  • Type

  • Description

  • Fiber length

  • Pressure resistance

  • Maximum working temperature

  • Elasticity

  • Melting temperature

  • Fire resistance

  • Tensile strength

  • Glass wool

  • Made of sand, limestone, soda ash, and glass bottles.

  • Long

  • Lower

  • ~230° C

  • High

  • ~700° C

  • High

  • High

Knauf Earthwool Universal Roll

Knauf insulation


Thermal -Earthwool Universal Roll has a thermal conductivity of 0.040W/mK

Fire - Earthwool Universal Roll is classified as Euroclass A1 to BS EN 13501-1.


Earthwool Universal Roll is a flexible glass mineral wool quilt which is lightweight, resilient and non-combustible. The rolls are 1140mm wide and are either partially perforated or fully cut to produce either 2 rolls 570mm wide or 3 rolls 380mm wide.


  • Lightweight and economic insulation quilt

  • Produced for use with timber joists at 400mm and 600mm centres

  • Partially perforated or fully cut

  • Provides thermal, acoustic and fire performance


Earthwool Universal Roll is uncut at 1200mm wide for use as a general purpose thermal and acoustic building roll in a wide variety of applications.


Knauf Earthwool Universal Roll is manufactured in accordance with BS EN 13162, EN 16001 Energy Management Systems, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, and ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, as certified by Bureau Veritas.


Knauf Earthwool Universal Roll is odourless, rot proof, non-hygroscopic, does not sustain vermin and will not encourage the growth of fungi, mould or bacteria.

Vapour resistivity

Knauf Earthwool Universal Roll offers negligible resistance to the passage of water vapour and has a water vapour resistivity of 5.00MNs/g.m.

Handling and storage

Knauf Earthwool Universal Roll is easy to handle and install, being lightweight and easily cut to size, where necessary. It is supplied in polythene packs which are designed for short term protection only. For longer term protection on site, the product should be stored either indoors, or under cover and off the ground. Knauf Earthwool Universal Roll should not be left permanently exposed to the elements.

Product Data

  • Thickness (mm)

  • 80

  • 60

  • Thermal Conductivity (W/mK)

  • 0.044

  • 0.044

  • Thermal Resistance (m2K/W)

  • 1.80

  • 1.35

  • Length (m)

  • 11.25

  • 2x7.50

  • Width (mm)

  • 1200

  • 1200

  • Area per roll 

  • 13.50

  • 18.00

Superglass insulation

Superglass Glass Wool Insulation

Superglass is an insulation manufacturer based out of Stirling, Scotland. They have been making quality insulation solutions for a number of years and have been used as the insulation provider for thousands of homes and commercial buildings across the UK.

If you are looking for insulation that will provide thermal insulation and protect the home in an all-weather situation, Superglass glass wool insulation is a perfect choice. This type of insulation is wildly successful and its blend of physical properties alongside the price are a perfect combination. There are a variety of different Superglass glass wool insulation products available, so there will almost certainly be one suitable for your situation.

Superwall 32 Cavity Wall Batt


Superglass Superwall 32 is a British Board of Agrément (BBA) approved, non-combustible and water repellent glass mineral wool insulation cavity wall batt. The flexible batt is supplied at 455mm wide to allow easy installation between standard vertical wall tie spacings and minimum on-site cutting and waste.


Superglass Superwall 32 is designed to provide thermal insulation in full-fill or partial fill external masonry cavity walls up to 25m in height. Superwall 32 is BBA approved for use in all UK exposure zones (subject to conditions detailed in the BBA Certificate and NHBC Standards).

Key Benefits

Knauf Earthwool Universal Roll is odourless, rot proof, non-hygroscopic, does not sustain vermin and will not encourage the growth of fungi, mould or bacteria.

  • Thermal Performance – Provides excellent thermal performance with a thermal conductivity of 0.032W/mK.

  • BBA Approved – Approved for use in all UK exposure zones.

  • Fire Performance – Classified as non-combustible (Euroclass A1).

  • Recycled Content – Manufactured from up to 84% recycled glass bottles.

  • Environmental – BRE Green Guide Rating of A+ and zero ODP & GWP.

  • Easy-to-fit – Simple installation between standard wall tie spacings.

Typical Applications

External masonry cavity walls. 

Product Dimensions and Information

thickness (mm) length (mm) width (mm) batts per pack pack area (m2) r-value (m2k/w) packs per pallet code
75 1200 455 8 4.37 2.30 30 5840c1
85 1200 455 8 4.37 2.65 30 5841c1
100 1200 455 8 3.28 3.10 30 5842c1
125 1200 455 8 2.18 3.90 30 5846c1
150 1200 455 8 2.73 4.65 20 5864

Glass Wool Insulation Installation

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