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Loft Insulation.

Our fully trained and experience Loft Insulation Installers can quickly and neatly install Loft Insulation to save you money on your energy bills and heating costs. As Scotland’s leading energy efficiency and insulation company, DMS offer a fully insured and guaranteed fitting service, competitive pricing, as well as access to all the latest funding and grants. Increasing your loft insulation to 300mm is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to reduce your heating costs and lower your Co2 footprint. It is one of the simplest ways to boost your EPC rating and there are various grants, funding and cashback still available. Contact us today through the web site, email or call us on 0141 638 1058 to see how we can help save you money and reduce your energy waste. 

Did you know that 25% of the energy used to heat your home is lost through an uninsulated roof? Therefore it is easy to see why loft insulation is a cheap and effective way to save on your gas and electricity bills. It prevents heat escaping, keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer and is a very effective way to improve your home's energy efficiency. If you already have your loft insulated we can also provide Room in Roof Insulation, Underfloor Insulation as well as Cavity Wall Insulation and Solid wall insulation to further improve your property. In addition, our experienced fitters can install Raised Loft Flooring above your insulation to allow you full use of your loft, and fit Loft Ladders and Balustrades to improve access and safety. Why not call us today to find out more, 0141 638 1058. 

If you are looking for advice and guidance, why not arrange for a free property assessment to see where improvements and savings can be made?

Benefits of loft Insulation.

  • Save up to £150 per year on energy bills.

  • Hassle free installation.

  • Helps reduce heat loss.

  • You could qualify for free government funding or the Scottish Governments HEEPS cash back through the Energy Savings Trust!

FREE LOFT, CAVITY AND UNDER FLOOR INSULATION from DMS Installations! We have installed loft, cavity and underfloor insulation for free or partly funded through ECO to tens of thousands of homes across Glasgow and beyond.

Could you be eligible for Free Loft Insulation?

Free Loft Insulation is now available in most homes in Glasgow and throughout Scotland. We can guide you through the funding criteria, cash back and grants currently available. Funding is limited so act fast!

DMS Installations have access to ECO funding and Scottish Government HEEPS cashback which we can use to install loft  insulation and other energy saving measures free of charge, for those who qualify. We will happily come and assess your home and provide a free, no obligation quote and advice on which measures and funding options are available to you.

Based at our head office in Glasgow, DMS Installations can install loft insulation for customers all over Scotland to help save them money on their gas and electricity bills. To enable our services to reach the Islands cheaply we offer group purchasing discounts and frequently visit Mull, Millport, Arran, Bute and many other remote areas at no extra cost compared to the mainland. Contact us today to find out more about getting the best prices and working together to maximise efficiency.

Contact us today for more information, free advice, and a highly competitive quote and we will see what funding or grants we can get you for free insulation. 0141 638 1058

Grants, Funding and cashback for Loft Insulation.

The governments change their mind often, swinging from one policy to the next. The result is a lot of uncertainty in the funding circles. What is available today, might not be available tomorrow, and money is often cut or runs out. The best way to find out the current offers and qualifying criteria is to call our Green Deal Energy Assessors to discuss what you need and see what is available to help you. Or you could go one step further, and arrange for a Green Deal Assessment to be carried out on your property, currently on special offer for £100, and we will assess you homes' efficiency, energy use, and see what recommendations we can make, including of course a guide to the current funding to help pay for it!

Loft flooring and storage.

Once your insulation has been increased, as many homes in Scotland have already, the storage space in the loft is often lost, It is important you do not store items on top of the loft insulation as not only will this decrease the effectiveness of the insulation, but it can be dangerous if you have ceiling down lighters in your property. Disturbing the insulation can cause lights to become covered, overheat and cause fire!

Installing Loft Flooring.

We can install loft flooring across the central belt of Scotland, including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayrshire, Falkirk and Stirling, and it costs less than you might think. We raise the flooring above the insulation, protecting your insulation and keeping the heat in your house. If you would like to start using some of your loft for storage why not contact us today to floor part or all of your loft flooring, 0141 638 1058. As part of our service we will check the condition of your insulation and make sure there are no fire risks present, if there are we will fix it for you.

Loft Condensation.

Condensation occurs when warm, moist air cools or comes into contact with a cold surface. It can cause mould growth, dampness and respiratory problems like Asthma. Loft condensation is a serious problem and must not be ignored. If you have a condensation or dampness problem in your loft contact us immediately to get it checked and fixed. The problem is usually easily fixed, but if left can cause serious damage to your roof and your health.

Types of loft insulation.

We can install a huge range of energy efficiency measures as well as the standard loft insulation, effectively a blanket over the rooms to keep the heat in. This is fine for most people, however, should you wish we can also install a variety of other solutions such as upgraded high efficiency loft insulation, loft flooring, pipe and cylinder lagging and many other products to save you money.

Rafter Loft Insulation.

We can install insulation at rafter level, rather than laying over the joists. Insulating the roof rather than the floor will allow much more heat to pass into the loft, creating a warmer space. If you plan on using the loft space, you should consider rafter insulation. We can use insulation boards, or the latest silver YBS Foil-tec wafer thin insulation to provide a top quality finish with a thermal conductivity as low as 0.13w/m2K! (equivalent to 300mm of insulation).

Room in Roof Insulation.

If your property has dormer windows then you wont have a full normal loft across the entirety of your home. This is know as room in roof insulation. It is slightly more complex to install, but doesn't cost much more than standard insulation to fit. DMS can survey, quote, guide you through funding options, and install Room in Roof insulation to the highest standard. Contact us today to arrange a free survey.

DIY Loft Insulation.

It is entirely possible for a confident DIY enthusiast to insulate their own loft. There are plenty of online guides to help, but we strongly advise against it. Plenty of accidents happen in lofts even before the joists are covered by insulation!  There are more fatalities from people having accidents in their lofts that there are on all the building sites in the country combined. Speak to us for a free quote before carrying out the work, as we buy insulation in bulk and you would be surprised how little extra it will cost you to have a professional do the work. Plus, we know all the pitfalls; insulate tanks and pipes or they may burst in the winter, protect down-lighters as if insulation is laid too close it is a fire hazard, leave a suitable air gap to prevent blocking the air flow and reduce the risk of condensation.

Our advice is, leave it to the professionals. And we are fully insured for £10,000,000 if something should go wrong. If you must do the DIY, Think safety first and make sure you know what you are doing as mistakes can be costly and potentially deadly.

Installing loft insulation.


Installing loft insulation over the joists at ceiling level is an easy job if you have the right training and skills. All our operatives are fully trained and experienced installers, fully aware of the all the Assessed Risks that come with the job.

Older houses will have a small amount of insulation lying within the joists, slightly newer houses will have more. Of course this may have been topped up over the last few years. Modern houses must have at least 300mm, or equivalent. The minimum we would recommend is 270mm, but we install as near to 300mm as possible.

The insulation is made up of 2 layers, called cross laying. Depending on the thickness of the joists, a suitable layer of insulation is laid over the existing insulation to bring it to the top of the joists. A further layer to bring the combined depth to 300mm is cross laid at a 90 degree angle. This results in less gaps and a more efficient insulation..

An air gap must be left around the outer perimeter to allow airflow. We also insulate and seal the loft hatch and make sure it has some sort of locking mechanism. We don't want draughts coming through, or all your heat escaping through a badly insulated hatch!

As part of the service we make sure the risk of fire is mitigated by ensuring sufficient air gaps around ceiling level down lighters. Should you wish we can supply protective caps to ensure no one moves insulation on top of the lighting at a later date. Down-lighters run at very high temperatures, and special care has to be taken as if not done correctly they will pose a serious fire risk. Don't take the risk, have the work done by professionals!

By keeping more heat inside your home, your loft space will become colder. As a result tanks and pipes need to be carefully protected and insulated to ensure they do not freeze in winter. DMS ensure everything is taken care of and leave your home the way we found it.

Contact us today to see what funding is available and how little a loft top up could cost you if you don't qualify. All our quotes are free and no obligation, and we wont send a salesman around.

Loft Insulation Products.

We use only top quality insulation products, and the expected lifespan of our insulation work is 42 years. That is a lot of savings over the years! When selecting the right products we considered a few factors ; Quality - will it last and is it fit for purpose, Performance - is it fit for purpose and cost effective to supply, Sustainability - what environmental damage are we doing to bring the product to homes across the country and what are the effects of the manufacturing process.

We can supply any brand of material should you have a specific preference. However, our main suppliers are Superglass Insulation for 100% locally recycled and manufactured "multi roll 44" fiberglass wool insulation, and YBS for the latest technology in Multi-Foil Insulation for use in insulating rafters, solid walls, underfloor and a variety of other applications where space and performance are at a premium.

Environmental credentials.

The environment is of prime importance to DMS, and that includes pollution, waste, recycling, and local sustainability. Superglass offer the perfect product, the insulation material is a fiber glass wool, manufactured just up the road in Sterling, and made from recycled Scottish glass bottles! We do not need to bring this material in from hundreds of miles away, or worse, from abroad. Taking local waste, and turning it into a product we need saves natural resources during manufacture and every year for 42 years through energy savings. Local products manufactured and installed in your home by local independent companies.


"Outstanding service"

Contacted DMS Installations when my boiler packed in. Can not fault the service from start to finish and I'm amazed how quickly my problem was resolved. They sent an engineer out to my house straight away to give me quotes for a new boiler then within three days I now have a new combi boiler fitted!! Which means hot water and working radiators woo hoo!! Would recommend this company to anyone.


"Professional and knowledgeable"

Highly knowledgeable and helpful, guided me through the options at length. I was guided to a Renewable solution that pays for itself through RHI / FIT and my bills are down £165 a month. Thanks!


"Great service "

The staff were all very helpful and friendly. I now have the kitchen I wanted. Thank you DMS. The workmen were great guys. I already recommended them to my mate


"Fantastic Team"

My mother had her insulation and boiler upgraded, the workman team that did the work were outstanding and very professional> I would gladly reccomend "DMS Installations"


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