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There are several routes to save energy. Our experienced Energy Assessors can talk you through the options and guide you on funding and cash back schemes currently available. From things you can do for free, to little things that can make a big difference, right through to installing renewable energy and make your way towards truly sustainable living. Our experts will take into account your preferences, budget and funding to help you make the most of available resources and to save energy every way you can.

Insulate your home.

Insulating your LoftCavity Walls / Solid Walls, and insulating under your floor will help to reduce wasted heat and greatly reduce your Energy Bills. See our pages on home insulation for further information, or we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Better still, why not book a full Green Deal Energy Assessment and let us report and advise on what measures are most suitable for your home.

Smart Heating Controls.

Installing Smart Heating Controls to your existing central heating system can make a massive difference to you heating costs. The controls are quickly and easily installed by one of our fully qualified Engineers, and allow you to control your heating remotely through an app on your smart phone! Savings of up to £90 a year can be made on your existing bills through applying modern technology to controlling your heating.

Replace your boiler.

Replacing an old boiler with a new high efficiency A rated Condensing Boiler can save up to 30% on your heating bills. CALL US TODAY on 0141 638 1058 for an instant quote or to arrange for an engineer to visit your home and provide a free quotation.

If you have the funds available to consider saving even more, we offer a full, free consultation and design service on a full range of Renewable technologies. Savings in excess of 70% can be made on your bills, AND you can earn an income through government incentives such as the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) or the Feed in Tariff (FIT). Why not speak to one of our experts today and find out how Renewable Energy can not only save you money, but earn you an income from government incentives such as the Feed in Tariff or Renewable Heat Incentive. Tariffs reduce as more people take up these technologies, so take advantage quickly to achieve maximum returns on your investment.

Replace inefficient light-bulbs.

Low Energy lighting has progressed leaps and bounds since the gloomy bulbs which were first introduced. LED bulbs can range from virtually no light, all the way up to brighter than an old 100W bulb. Better than that, this modern technology allows you to pick what warmth of bulb you prefer. Some rooms, such as kitchens would suit a bright cold light, whereas you might prefer a less bright and warmer bulb for you lamps in your lounge or bedroom.  At 90% more efficient than the old incandescent bulbs, each LED can save up to £3 a year depending on how much you use it. There are numerous fitting types and shapes in use in the UK today. See our page on LED lighting for further information, or ask our Energy Assessors to assist.


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Simple steps.

Start saving energy by taking simple steps, or changing your behaviour. Here is a list of things you can do to stop wasting energy and live cheaper. Every step counts!

  • Check your energy prices – Current energy prices vary wildly. We save one customer £1,200 per year after advising him to switch off his standard tariff!

  • Check your energy prices – This is the big one, use an energy switching web site and compare current deals.

  • Shower before bath – you could be as much as £250 better off per year switching from baths to a shower!

  • Line dry – drying on a drying rack or outdoors can save £30 - £100 a year.

  • Switch it off – Switching appliances like Tv’s and Stereos off at the wall rather than standby can save £70 a year!

  • Keep your oven door shut, opening the door loses as much as 25% of the heat every time.

  • Don’t put tinfoil on the racks, food cooks faster with the air circulating.

  • Don’t leave your phone on charge all night, it probably only needs a maximum of 3 hours.

  • Defrost your freezer regularly to keep it running efficiently. Allow good airflow behind your fridge to allow it to operate as efficiently as possible.

  • Turn down your heating – reducing your heating by 1 degree can save £60 a year!

  • Turn off lights – when you leave a room, turn the light off behind you. This can save £15 a year!

  • Wash it cold – washing at 30 rather than 40 degrees can save £9 a year.

  • Boil what you need – Don’t fill your kettle, boiling what you need instead can save £7 a year.

  • Don’t do half loads – Doing a full wash is far more economical. Cutting down by 1 wash a week can save £5 a year.

  • Teach children to switch off lights, toys, computers and TV’s when not in use.

  • Fit draught excluders to external doors and letterboxes, contact us if you would like to see if funding is available.

  • Dimmed lights use less energy than being on full.

  • When choosing a new computer, laptops use less energy than desktops.


“Outstanding service”

Contacted DMS Installations when my boiler packed in. Can not fault the service from start to finish and I'm amazed how quickly my problem was resolved. They sent an engineer out to my house straight away to give me quotes for a new boiler then within three days I now have a new combi boiler fitted!! Which means hot water and working radiators woo hoo!! Would recommend this company to anyone.


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Highly knowledgeable and helpful, guided me through the options at length. I was guided to a Renewable solution that pays for itself through RHI / FIT and my bills are down £165 a month. Thanks!


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The staff were all very helpful and friendly. I now have the kitchen I wanted. Thank you DMS. The workmen were great guys. I already recommended them to my mate


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My mother had her insulation and boiler upgraded, the workman team that did the work were outstanding and very professional> I would gladly reccomend "DMS Installations"


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