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With one of the leading smart control systems, the ESICC smart control module, the Elnur Ecombi adapts to your daily requirements to reduce your energy consumption while maintaining your comfort.

  • ESICC smart control modules ensures the highest possible efficiency

  • Compact design allows for ease of installation

  • Potential for funding through the ECO scheme

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Elnur Ecombi Storage Heaters

The Elnur Ecombi Smart Storage Heater uses cutting edge technology in the storage heater industry to give modern, efficient storage heating that accurately controls electricity consumption and optimises heat management by utilising high sensitivity thermostatic controls. The Elnur Ecombi Storage Heater adapts to your daily needs, no matter the weather conditions.

By using a combination of storage heating and direct heating, the Elnur Ecombi can deliver efficient home heating as and when required. Charging hours are fully programmable for both daily and weekly routines, even if there is more than one charging period in the same day.

The encapsulated design of the Elnur Ecombi Smart Storage Heaters means that installation is simple and quick, causing minimal disruption to your home lifestyle. This also means that savings on your home heating costs can begin straight away. When combined with proper insulation, such as cavity wall insulation, the reduction in cost is noticeable.

Elnur Ecombi Smart Storage Heater Models

The Elnur Ecombi Smart Storage Heater comes in three available outputs. This allows installers to choose the right output for the room in questions, minimising heat waste and energy consumption. No matter the situation, there will an option suitable for you. As certified home heating installers, we can help you choose the right model.

Elnur Ecombi Smart Storage Heater Specs


  • Heater Output 230V/240V

  • Convector Output 230V/240V

  • Charging 7 HRS (KWh)

  • Length (cm)

  • Depth (cm)

  • Height (cm)

  • Total weight (kg)

  • No. of bricks

  • Frequency (Hz)

  • EAN 13

  • ECO158

  • 975/1062

  • 450/490

  • 7.42

  • 55

  • 18

  • 73

  • 59

  • 4*

  • 50

  • 8432336110405

  • ECO208

  • 1300/1415

  • 600/653

  • 9.87

  • 66

  • 18

  • 73

  • 77

  • 8

  • 50

  • 8432336110450

  • ECO308

  • 1950/2123

  • 900/980

  • 14.84

  • 89

  • 18

  • 73

  • 112

  • 12

  • 50

  • 8432336110504

  • ECO408

  • 2600/2831

  • 1200/1307

  • 19.81

  • 111

  • 18

  • 73

  • 147

  • 16

  • 50

  • 8432336110559

Modes of the Elnur Ecombi Smart Storage Heaters

The modes of the Elnur Ecombi Smart Storage Heaters are a main advantage over traditional radiator home heating systems or older storage heater systems. They include:

electric storage heater
  • Automatic Ecombi Mode. By adjusting the charging of the Elnur Ecombi Smart Storage Heater to the temperature requirements of the user, the Ecombi will only charge the required energy to heat up the room to the target temperature. All of this is managed by the ESICC electronic control module. This electronic management module will define and adapt the charging and consumption, during the off-peak charging period, providing maximum savings in energy consumption and helping you to reduce energy consumption by up to 30% compared with other traditional home heating systems.

  • Convection Mode. During the warmer seasons, the Elnur Ecombi Electric Storage Heater will often not be in use. On the odd occasion where you do need to warm up, however, there is the convection mode. This Ecombi convection mode is ideal for warming up a room quickly.

  • Frost Protection Mode. This mode is perfect for those home rooms or office premises where the Elnur Ecombi Smart Storage Heater may not be in use for long periods of time. Thanks to smart technology, the Elnur Ecombi will not allow the room to fall below 7oC, avoiding problems such as pipe freezes or the onset of damp before the next use. By combining the Frost Protection Mode with the Automatic Ecombi Mode, you can choose which of the days the Elnur Ecombi will be running and which of the days that will be covered by Frost Protection Mode.

Elnur Ecombi -  Safety and Sustainability

Due to the fact that the Elnur Ecombi Smart Storage heater has no moving parts to break or be worn down, it requires no servicing. Storage heater installation is quick and easy, no matter whether the building is old or now, and there is no need for any form of alterations or building work. Safety is also always a key factor with regards to choosing electric heating. The Elnur Ecombi does not require fuel tanks or hydraulic circuits to operate, so therefore has no risk of leaking. In terms of sustainability, the Elnur Ecombi has the following traits:

  • Does not consume oxygen or emit CO2.

  • Does not produce gas or fumes.

  • Does not directly pollute the environment while it is operating.

Elnur Ecombi – Innovation and Efficiency

ECOMBI is a new, efficient heating system that both controls electricity consumption and optimises heat management. The ECOMBI smart system assesses energy consumption and heat loss in the room every day in order to establish the precise heat needs of the room, and adjusts the electrical consumption accordingly. This electric heating system adapts to your daily needs whatever the weather conditions. It responds to climate changes through temperature monitoring.

The arrival of ECOMBI is a real revolution in traditional heating systems. ECOMBI optimises control of the energy running costs while providing maximum comfort. The best quality components available on the market and the exclusive ESICC electronic management module, patented and designed by ELNUR, provide an outstanding level of performance and offer to the users important low running costs.

Taking into account the temperature readings of the thermostat and the real heat needs in the room, the ESICC electronic management module assesses the energy consumption of the unit during the day and automatically adjusts energy charging to your comfort needs. The efficiency in Ecombi system goes one step further. Ecombi not only is able to realize an automatic charge adjustment determining the amount of energy that the user will need and adjusts it each day, but also it may be programmed having in mind the periods or days we are not at home or in the office.

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