Biomass Boilers, Renewable Heat Incentive and The Story So Far

Back in 2011, the Scottish government announced that it was working towards a Renewable Scotland by 2020. This plan had a goal that the country would have a delivery of 100% energy generation from renewables by this time.

In real time, with just four years to go, the government are now aiming for 50% renewable by 2030. heat is the main focus and the government is encouraging homeowners to invest in renewable energy.

RHI So Far, So Good

Statistics from 2016 show that 4% of Scotland’s heat is sourced from renewables and this plans to be increased almost ten times over by 2030.

The plan estimates that by 2030 half of all Scottish homes should be fitted with hybrid (electric/gas). heat pumps and 72% of commercial buildings will be serviced by heat pumps or biomass boilers.

Scotland is well on its way to reaching its new target as 5.3% of heat generation was being sourced from renewables in 2015, 1.5%up on the previous year.

The number has increased thanks to the non-domestic renewable heat incentive (RHI). RHI is a scheme that offers businesses and organisations that generate renewable energy to heat their buildings a financial incentive.

As the campaign has been a success, The Scottish government plan to continue these incentives to encourage both business and home owners to adopt a more sustainable approach to energy. There are many advantages of using renewable energy and the continuation of the RHI means that the environment will not only benefit in the long run, but business could gain economic value too.

What Are Renewables?

  • Biomass
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Hybrid (Gas or Lpg) Heat Pumps
  • Solar Pv
  • Solar Thermal Renewable Energy Solutions.

The Benefits of RHI

So what are the benefits of RHI? The domestic RHI was launched on 9th April 2014 which meant that homeowners could apply for financial support to fund their renewable heating system for seven years. The scheme covers England, Wales, and Scotland. By investing in the RHI scheme you can:

  • Cut costs on energy bills.
  • You can gain income via the government’s renewable heat incentive (RHI).
  • Long term investment as most renewable energy systems needs little maintenance.
  • It’s cheaper! Biomass fuel is up to 40% cheaper than oil/LPG.
  • Renewable energy can work alongside existing radiators.

These are just a few reasons why homeowners have chosen the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive. RHI customers can receive quarterly payments over the period of seven years. Homeowners can earn as much as £25,000 in this time on top of fuel cost savings.

Biomass Boilers

Biomass Boiler systems will improve your home’s environmental footprint. This type of boiler is extremely safe. This carbon neutral boiler will heat your home and provide hot water.

Biomass boilers work in a similar way as a gas central heating system does. Biomass systems are also affordable. Previous homes that have used biomass systems have saved £600 on their energy bills. Biomass systems may even be compatible with your current heating system meaning installation is easy and hassle free.

What Is Biomass Energy?

Biomass energy is a fairly new method and it can be sourced in four ways.

  • Burning biomass to produce steam to turn turbines to generate electricity
  • Burning biomass to generate heat in thermal systems
  • Processing biomass feedstock to produce liquid fuels like corn ethanol or other biofuels
  • Collecting gasses from landfills or anaerobic digesters to produce energy.

The main types of biomass fuel are forest wood, sawdust, and chips from sawmills, energy crops, and crop residues such as corn stalks.

How Do Biomass Boilers Work?

So how do biomass boilers work? Biomass boilers use pellets or logs. A biomass boiler is a cheaper alternative and it also helps save the environment. The fuel which is distributed is completely sustainable and carbon neutral. For every particle of carbon released in burning, another is absorbed through the replanting of trees.

Would you like to find out more about or biomass boilers? Call a member of the DMS Installations team today and they will talk you through all of the renewable options that we have available.