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  • Noise tested in “Quiet Rooms” to ensure minimal noise intrusion

  • Tested in environmental test chambers to ensure good working range

  • Flues and burners tested up to hurricane speed winds

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Baxi Boilers

Baxi was founded in 1866 and has been heating homes ever since. Baxi has a wide range of gas boilers to offer that can cope with both your heating and hot water requirements. Every Baxi gas boiler, not only meets but exceeds the European standards for safety, emission, water bylaws and energy efficiency. This makes these boilers a firm favourite with DMS Installations customers.

baxi gas boiler

Buy Your Baxi Boiler Today

Our expert heating specialists will be able to find the best Baxi Boiler for you today. Call us today to order your Baxi Boiler. This industry leading boiler producer will ensure your home is heated to the highest quality.

DMS Installations offer a range of Baxi boilers. Finding your perfect home boiler could not be easier. The extensive range covers all of Baxi boilers. Here are some of the Baxi boilers that we can source for you:

  • Reliable combi boilers

  • Efficient system boilers

  • Eco- friendly heat only boilers

The Baxi brand has a range of high-efficiency boilers that have smart controls and low carbon technologies. Contact DMS Instillations today to view the range and order your Baxi boiler today. The brand is also well renowned for their easy installation and maintenance, making them perfect for your home. This industry leading heating company will provide you with reliable boilers, giving you confidence when it comes to quality. Speak to one of our advisors at DMS Instillations today to find out more. 

Why Choose Baxi

Baxi gas boilers come in a range of different sizes that can suit practically every size and type of home. Whether you have a small flat or a grand house, there is a Baxi boiler perfect for your home.

The Baxi brand, including the boilers, are endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust. This will ensure that the boilers will provide you will efficient heating and hot water all year round. As well as keeping your fuel bills low. Being part of the Energy Saving Trust also help keep your carbon emissions as low as possible.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly, cost effective boiler to enhance your home heating system then Baxi boilers are for you. Get in touch with a member of our specialist team at DMS Installation through live chat today for more information.

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Baxi Boiler Technology

The award-winning Baxi brand has been using innovation technology to make their boilers a leading brand. All of the Baxi boilers are manufactured using unique, quality, genuine Baxi parts. These specific parts used have been approved for use in Baxi products. These parts are guaranteed for quality, safety and reliability. This attention to detail and quality makes Baxi one of the best boiler manufacturers. 

All Baxi boilers are quality tested before they are sold. This again ensures maximum quality. Baxi boilers are manufactured in the UK and come with a high-quality standard. Here are some of the testing method that Baxi carry out on their boilers:

  • They use ‘quite rooms’ to check the noise the boilers produce when they are on. The quiet rooms are typically quieter than a silent kitchen in the countryside.

  • Check how the boiler would perform in different environments using an environmental test chamber.

  • They use 3D printers to be able to quick test boilers

  • Test the flues and burners using a wind room that can simulate hurricane speeds.

  • Efficiency testing rig

  • Test how the boiler works in different homes, from a flat to a home, using a system room.

Save Energy Today with Baxi Boilers

Heating bills can be extremely expensive. Boilers account for more than 55% of your yearly energy bills. Therefore, having an efficient boiler makes a big difference. The newer your gas boiler is the better it will be. Modern boilers are now all gas condensing boilers, meaning that modern are up 90% more efficient. They have a larger heat exchanger, which retrieves more heat and sends cooler gases up the flue. This can cut your central heating cost by over 30%! Contact DMS Installation for more information. 

Over a third of all UK CO2 emissions come from our domestic properties. This shocking figure can be reduced by a number of ways if we lower our energy use. Purchasing a Baxi boiler will not only save energy but it will also save you money at the same time.

Benefits of Having an Energy Saving Boiler

  • You could qualify for Government funding

  • Save up to £300 on your heating bill annually

  • You will receive improved efficiency

  • Improve gas central heating control

Maintaining Your Baxi Boiler

Once you have your Baxi combi gas boiler installed you need to care for it to ensure that it is as efficient as possible. Our experts here at DMS Insulations recommend that to get the best out of your boiler it must be kept in tip-top condition. We can carry out annual services on your boiler Glasgow.

During the service, your Baxi boiler will be completely checked to ensure it is fully working.  We will get rid of anything that may be stopping your boiler from performing to its maximum capacity. We want to save you money on your energy bills, and by performing annual service we will keep doing so.

Tips to Saving You More Money 

  • Fit a room thermostat- you can save up to £70 and 280 kg of carbon dioxide a year

  • Turn down your central heating, even by one degree

  • Set your hot water cylinder, your cylinder thermostat should be set no higher than 60°C

  • Install a multi-fit gas saver when you fit your new boiler

Baxi Boiler Models

Baxi has three main ranges of boilers that they offer; combi boilers, heater only boilers and system boilers. These ranges all have different advantages that can help save you money. Contact a member of our expert team to find out more.

Baxi's combi boiler range

baxi gas boiler

Combination boilers are the UK’s most popular type of boilers for both gas central heating and hot water. Most combination boilers are easy to install and use. As well as this, they are all economical to run, saving you money and helping the environment.

Combi boilers ensure maximum efficiency by only heating water when the hot tap or shower is turned on. The hot water is delivered to your taps at mains pressure. This means that you can enjoy a high powered shower without the need for a pump. With combi boilers, there is no need to install a water storage cylinder or tank. Meaning that combi boilers would be perfect in any home.

Baxi’s heat only boiler range

gas boiler installation glasgow

Also known as regular boilers, heat only boilers are usually installed on an open vented system. This system usually consists of two tanks in the loft. A hot water storage cylinder and a spate pump.

Baxi’s System Boilers Range

baxi gas boiler

System boilers are perfect for houses with more than one bathroom or that require more hot water. System boilers are a setup from combi boilers and are a perfect solution to heating your home and hot water.

Most of the main components of the heating and hot water system are included within the boiler. Meaning that there is no need to have extra pumps. This also makes installation of the boiler easier. Having the components inside the boiler make it tidier and more efficient. It also simplifies servicing.

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